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10 K-pop Idols Who Are Luxury Brand Ambassadors

The music industry based on K-pop has become popular, mainly due to legendary groups like BTS. In addition to the music scene, K-pop stars dominate the beauty and fashion industry.

Many idols are taken to be brand ambassadors for luxury brands as a way to expand their reach into the world market. South Korea is known for its focus on beauty and appearance, as idols showcase new hairstyles and fashions with each new appearance.

A few celebrities have been seen sporting one specific high-end brand so frequently that it is now associated with their brand names. BTS’s V was called “human Gucci” because he wore Gucci clothes and accessories regularly.

Therefore, collaboration with K-pop idols and high-end brands could be an ideal match This article; we examine 10 ambassadors for luxury brands. Get various kpop group name ideas with this random kpop group name generator.

The list ranges from BTS to BLACKPINK. Here are the top 10 K-pop icons who dominate the fashion scene.) 

Luxury Brand Ambassador – BTS, BLACKPINK, and More

1. BTS for Louis Vuitton

K-pop star BTS has been approached by a variety of high-end brands. Chosun Biz has stated that every luxury brand has expressed their desire to sign BTS for brand ambassadors; however, until 2021, BTS has decided not to sign any sponsorships:

BTS doesn’t accept fashion sponsorship. A fashion insider claimed that brands can’t do anything but hope that BTS wears their clothes.”

Louis Vuitton managed to do what was unimaginable and enlisted BTS as their ambassadors to their house in 2021. The visionary and creative spirit that Virgil Abloh formulated, Louis Vuitton’s Men’s Artistic Director, was on the same the BTS’s vision, which may have been the primary reason for the septet to join LV.

BTS was included in The Louis Vuitton exhibition in Seoul.

2. IU for Gucci

IU is among the most popular and successful solo Korean singers. The fan base she has is huge in South Korea is huge, and she is often at the top of the charts every time her new songs are released. Therefore, it’s not unexpected that the Korean’s love interest was chosen as the brand ambassador of Gucci for 2020. She also participated in an audio-guided tour of Gucci’s “No Space, Just A Place: Eterotopia” exhibition.

3. Lisa for Bvlgari and Celine

Blackpink’s Lisa has been named the brand spokesperson for each Celine and Bvlgari. The K-pop singer recently worked with M.A.C. Cosmetics. Her journey as a luxury brand began with Celine in the year 2019. Then, in 2021 she became the brand’s face. Celine Haute Parfumerie.

Lisa became part of the Bvlgari family at the beginning of 2020 after she was invited to become among Bvlgari’s Magnifica campaign ambassadors.

4. Jisoo for Dior

K-pop icon Jisoo of BLACKPINK was made an official Dior woman in 2021 after being named their global ambassador. She was also recently spotted in all Dior clothes at this year’s Spring/Summer 2022 Fashion Show in Paris.

Dior is thrilled to confirm that JISOO is the BLACKPINK actress, and singer and Dior, the world’s ambassador for beauty and fashion, will be attending the #DiorSS22 show with Maria Grazia Chiuri on September 28.

The CEO at Dior, Pietro Beccari, even said that she’d always have a place at Dior in the event that she had to decide to leave the music business.

5. Jennie for Chanel and Calvin Klein

BLACKPINK’s Jennie was named the house ambassador for Chanel in March 2021. Jennie often dresses in Chanel clothes, and her youthful look is an ideal fit for the brand. Also, she is affectionately known as Coco Jennie to members of Chanel’s family. Chanel family.

The K-pop star was appointed brand ambassador of Calvin Klein.

6. Rose for Tiffany & Co. and Yves Saint Laurent

In 2020 Blackpink’s Rose was selected as the world brand ambassador of Yves Saint Laurent – they’re first in the last 59 years. The actress also attended the 2021 Met Gala alongside Anthony Vaccarello, who designed her dress.

In 2021, the K-pop superstar was also appointed the world ambassador for Tiffany & Co. for their Tiffany HardWear Digital Campaign.

7. Kai for Gucci

In 2019, EXO’s Kai was named the global ambassador for Gucci. Kai was part of Gucci’s Aria campaign and has recently launched the KAI x Gucci collection inspired by his love of Teddy bears.

8. Hyuna for LOEWE

Hyuna is well-known for her bold and edgy style choices. She always surprises anyone with her stunning is. Hyuna has proven adept at blending any style effortlessly. And in 2021, she was announced as the world ambassador of LOEWE. She’s an integral part of the marketing campaign to promote the brand-new LOEWE Goya bag.

9. Jackson Wang for Fendi

Currently, Jackson Wang represents Fendi in China as a brand ambassador. The year before, they launched an exclusive collection of The Fendi x Jackson Wang project. Then, in 2021, Jackson Wang was named Fendi’s men’s collection Spokesperson in Greater China for the Roman Luxury House.

10. Cha Eunwoo for Burberry

Burberry appointed Astro’s Cha Eunwoo as its brand ambassador in 2021. He’s already well-known as an actor, singer, and model. So it was no surprise that a luxury brand’s powerhouse approached him.

K-pop idols have made a name for themselves as fashion icons, With growing numbers of groups selected to represent luxury brands as global ambassadors. Even new groups like Aespa and Enhypen were chosen to be worldwide ambassadors of Givenchy and AMI.

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