10 Must-have Items for Your Bridal Survival Kit

Having a bridal survival kit on your hand makes everything go smoothly, you can’t even imagine. Meanwhile, you can also state them as wedding essentials. 

Meanwhile, a wedding often brings joy to our lives, yet it is one of the most stressful events. Stressful in the sense that we are more conscious that everything goes well. 

Sometimes, we often face a lot of last-moment mishaps due to a lack of our planning. Thus, to avoid such mishaps, we are with this article on our website.

This article will include all the ten must-have items for your bridal Survival kit. Although these items are not expensive yet, their presence can make much difference as everyone wants to be comfortable and spotlight the whole event on their big day. 

Although the list goes long here, we will only list the essential items that you must have. In addition, there are a lot of bridal kits available online which have cute packaging that you can even customise according to your dress and theme.

Bridal Survival Kit

Fashion Tape

Meanwhile, if you have a deep neck or boat neck, this could be one of the essential things. If you don’t want to show your body, this fashion tape could be the last-moment fixer. You need to open the pack and stick where you need to.

Hair Pins

You might disagree with this essential because most women are dolled up from salons, so why list hairpins here?  Sometimes, some hair Styles often mess up after long hours of photoshoots. Having a hairpin can make it easy to sort out the mess.

Hair Spray

Moreover, either in summer or winter, the hair frizz and baby hairs Will continuously irritate us no matter what. So having a Hairspray along with the comb can make it much easier to deal with.

In addition, this will make you look neat and clean till the end of the day, as minor touch-ups will make you feel fresh all day long.

Lipstick for Bridal Survival Kit

Meanwhile, lip colours are the life of the whole makeup look. Eating food or even with time, then fade away. This is highly unpleasant.

So in order to avoid this, you can have the same shade that you’re wearing in your bridal Survival kit. This not only makes you look presentable throughout your ceremony. But it will also make you more confident about yourself.

Blotting Paper

Whatever season your wedding is, makeup can still look sweaty because of the intense lighting for photography.  However, this provides an unusual shine over your face, especially around the t- zone.

Thus, in order to avoid such a shine, you can have blotting paper in your wedding kit.

Perfume (Must Have Bridal Survival Kit)

You want to smell good all day long, but wearing such a heavy dress could make you sweat no matter what the weather is. 

So you can counter such a situation by having perfume in your Survival kit. Thus you can spray whenever you like and smell good all day long.


 Most women have to suffer pain at their wedding due to their shoes. This happens because new shoes are often tight and often a source of discomfort for many.

So having band-aids can relieve the pain and make you comfortable in the same shoes.

Safety Pins

Meanwhile, these safety pins Can handle a lot of worst situations easily. This could be tearing the dress from the corner or having loose-fitting clothing.

Pain Medication

Even having a headache can make your event annoying. Thus, having the pain medication would prove a lot helpful in avoiding such an inconvenience.

Meanwhile, this could be due to the hectic day or any other kind of pain. So having medication at the right time is worth it.

Sanitizers (Bridal Survival Kit)

At this time, having a sanitizer in your bag is a must-have. Because to keep your hands clean from all sorts of impurities, a sanitizer is a handy option.

Meanwhile, nowadays, these sanitizer packages are even customised with the dresses. Also, it looks so cute to have everything in accordance with your dress. 

Moreover, Pakistani bridal dresses are also coming up with such pretty packaging of sanitizers as well as masks.

Also, if you are having a wedding in this cold weather and looking for some classy winter clothes for upcoming family gatherings, you can look at the Sana Safinaz winter collection

This collection includes stitching unstitched Dresses with embroidery on them. Moreover, Sana safinaz the collection has a whole new range for you.


So here we would like to include our article in which we have discussed the top ten essentials for a bridal kit. We hope that this article will prove helpful to you on your big day. Do let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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