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20 ideas for handmade Valentine’s Day cards.

Twenty ideas for handmade Valentine Day cards. As our buddy, Hugh, earlier said, “If you examine for this, I felt like a crook. You’ll find that love is everywhere.” And he’s not bad, particularly on Valentine’s Day! If you want to offer special someone how much you care about them, then a handmade Valentine’s card is for you. There are few items in vitality instead as extraordinary as a handcrafted gesture, knowing that someone has put their time, effort, and most importantly, love into creating something just for you. Alright, sentimental out of the way, it’s time to start creating!

In this list, you’ll find a variety of exciting, romantic, and fun Valentine’s Card Ideas from a variety of trusted and talented designers, as well as a whole host of DIY Valentine’s Card Tutorials (your). Browse around and find your choices, then all you have to do is lead off your innovative talents. And you should also check our pencil art. The best thing we can’t support is what to write in it, and we’re scared it’s up to you.

20 ideas for homemade Valentine cards for 2022

The best ideas for homemade Valentine cards

Easy pop-upbears homemade valentine card.

This cozy card is just the cutest way to say I love you, and it’s easy and fun too! All you need for this project is cards, glue, scissors, and lots of love. This would be the perfect scheme to get the kids involved to make their own homemade Valentine’s card. There are two valentine card concepts to select from, a fuzzy crab and a cute kitten.

valentine day card 1

Heart Stitched Homemade Valentine Card Ideas

Update your maps! This little creative project will impress that special someone. Genuine Simple offers a free template that you can print at home, and all you have to do is sew your heart pattern. You’ll find some beautiful examples, but feel free to be creative with them!

Newspaper Heart Homemade Valentine Card

This super simple homemade Valentine’s card uses only a few materials, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less remarkable. Utilizing newspaper, twine, and a glowing red soul create a rustic card full of character. Why not personalize the card with the name of your loved one?

Crochet Strawberry Homemade Valentines Card

We love this one berry a lot! You’ll need to be familiar with an aversion to tackling this problem, but if you haven’t tried aversion and want to learn, this pattern can be an excellent place to start. This cute strawberry and accompanying pun make a fantastic card for your quirky another half. Once you master it, there are many different free patterns to try at Golden Lucy Crafts.

Make your valentine cards.

Choose from three beautiful Valentine’s card ideas and impress your loved one with a card that looks professional. Not only do these cards look good, but they are also interactive, meaning they have a secret hidden message. In the article, you will find step-by-step instructions on how to create each design, as well as a video tutorial for the 3rd design.

Valentine card printable for card making

This is not a specific tutorial, but you will find many free articles to print out at home to prepare for card making. So if you’re better of a freestyle designer, this article might be for you! Find lots of beautiful paper, fun decorations, and more.

Valentine’s day cross stitch pattern for card making.

Have you ever tried cross-stitch? It’s an unwinding pleasure, and you can make some awesome designs. We’ve rounded up our favorite VValentine’s cross stitch patterns from various talented designs, all available for free download. Once you’ve pinned your favorite design, mount it on a card, and you’re ready to search for the one you love!

‘I love you’ cross stitch pattern for card making.

Bring a giggle to someone special with this cute and muddy cross stitch card. Because it only uses whole cross stitches for the design itself and only a tiny amount of backstitching for the letters, it’s a perfect project for beginners as you can finish it in a few evenings.

You’re my kind of homemade Valentine’s card.

Recycle old Scribble tiles to create this thoughtful homemade Valentine’s card. If you don’t have scribble tiles handy, you can easily find them at any craft store or Amazon.

3D Heart Card Homemade Valentine Card

Create this tremendous 3D valentine card using the free template. You don’t need any materials, and you probably have most of them in your stash if you’re an intelligent individual. The 3D element arrives into space when you begin placing the heart cutouts, picking your color, and beginning to craft.

Yoda best valentines card

We all love Star Wars nerds, celebrate this Valentine’s season with this cute Yoda Valentine’s card, the design is available for free to print on Lovely Indeed, and we think this design is adorable. Choose your favorite colored card stock, print out your Yoda and get your message across (make sure there are loads of Star Wars puns inside).

Funny homemade Valentine’s card to print out

The realists and those who don’t like to send a mush or mush message! These funny prints will make your significant another laugh when you both share the same dry sense of humor. Our personal favorite of the bunch is “I’m Not Tired of You Yet” — and who said romance is dead?

Rosebud Cross Stitch Heart

We love this beautiful cross stitch heart with subtly shaded roses and sprigs of rosebuds from Rhona Norrie and think it will make the perfect Valentine’s Day card.

Tutorial on how to fold homemade Valentine’s cards

Follow this super easy valentine card video tutorial and create a beautiful folded card to surprise your loved one. It’s straightforward to make, and you can personalize it with your special message.

Homemade Valentine’s Card Tutorial for floating pop-up hearts

Impress your loved ones with this eye-catching floating card. It might seem complicated, but it’s pretty easy if you watch the video tutorial. You will need cardboard and tiny paper hearts (either make your own or buy from a craft store).

Surprise in homemade valentines cards

Please find out how to make Valentine’s card with this beautiful tutorial from BHG, where they offer you just how to put it together and provide you with an accessible template. You have to decide which candy to put in the middle as a surprise!

Yellow Sample Homemade Valentine Cards

Release your internal creature with this fun oddity valentine card. This scheme would be ideal for kids who don’t like all that messy stuff. At The Inspiration Edit, you will find a free template to download and print out your pattern. The extraordinary is that you can select your favorite colors and decorate your monster, pink, green, dotted? The possibilities are endless!

Heart bouquet homemade valentines card

Keep it simple with this beautiful pink heart bouquet card, you don’t need much material for this one, and you may have hidden most of it already. This is an excellent project if you enjoy a last-minute Valentine’s card. Go to House Beautiful for the step-by-step guide.

Glitter hard homemade valentines cards

Another great tutorial from House Beautiful is this grand love card that features a tiny envelope with floating hearts.

valentine day card 2

Origami Heart Valentine Card

Put your origami talents to proper help with these cute valentine cards. If you’ve never tried origami before, this might be the right place to start. Creating a heart is easy. You can also find a tutorial on this at Omiyage Blogs.

valentine day card 3

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