5 Horrible Fashion Sins Mens Should Stop Immediately

For the majority, our sense of style and fashion is influenced by three factors: our originality, our own feeling of comfort, and our financial constraints. Let me be clear right away: there’s nothing wrong with defining your own sense of style and electing to be a rule-breaker or trend snob. When it comes to fashion, on the other hand, it is advised that you be yourself and not follow the crowd. However, there are a few fashion blunders that every man should avoid. Unfortunately, many Indian guys (most of whom presumably believe themselves to be ‘fashion-forward’) aren’t afraid to commit these deadly fashion sins, despite the fact that they should surely know better.

5 Horrible Fashion Sins Mens Should Stop Immediately

With each passing year, men appear to become better at dressing themselves with less guidance from others, yet there are still some crimes that need to be addressed. So, consider this as a wake-up call to sort through your closet and get rid of these deadly fashion sins.

1. Untucked Old Fashion Dress Shirts

Dress shirts are designed to be tucked in, which is why the back and front are so long. Untucking a dress shirt will not give you the relaxed vibe you anticipate. You’ll just appear sloppy. Look for a shirt with shorter hems, a trimmer fit, and fashionable materials if you’re searching for something to wear off-duty, like The Best Stylish Shirts For Men you can wear it untucked.

2. White Socks With Black Shoes

I shouldn’t have to constantly repeat myself, but the boys aren’t paying attention. You should never, ever wear white socks with a suit or black jeans and pants, whether you’re in a hurry to reach a happy hour or wait in line for a spit roast. It’s the same as drinking and driving; don’t do it. Take a taxi, put on your black socks, and just get serious.

3. Fitting Suit

No, no, and no a little more. You should always have a suit made to fit you, regardless matter what brand you buy or whether it’s your father’s. Embrace the fit, whether you’re tiny or a little fat. Always keep in mind that a suit should make you feel like a king And, don’t forget to buy both men’s printed shirts or the solid ones made with supreme quality material. Because it matters.

4. Matching Pocket Square

Another fashion blunder that guys must avoid is coordinating their ties and pocket squares.

Choose from a range of colors and designs in pocket squares to express your personal style. The type of fold you choose might help you develop your own personal style & avoiding fashion sins.

5. Wearing Long Ties

Your tie should end just above your belt buckle. There’s no going higher—and certainly, no going lower!

6. Letting Mom & Wife Buy Outfits For You

Allowing your mother or wife to shop for you?  I’m not suggesting you should just not listen to your wife/mom and consider what she has to say (as this is a recipe for disaster). All I’m saying is, man up! And go out and buy your own clothes

7. Wearing Rompers

I can’t even begin to list all of the reasons why men wearing rompers is such a fashion sin. I’m not sure who decided that this was a sensible or cool trend to follow, or who decided to make it a viable fashion option for guys, but rompers are to men what smokes are to heart patients – lethal.

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