5 Quick SEO Tips to Double Organic Traffic

SEO is stretched to an immeasurable depth; the more you explore, the more overwhelming it becomes. There are a majority of SEO techniques and tools that are being used by in-vogue marketers and are crazy to follow. Are you ready to multiply your ranking on SERP to double your organic traffic with the following SEO tips?

How to Improve Organic Search Results?

How to Improve Organic Search Results?

Organic searches are the lynchpin to drive traffic to a website. Working on your website with organic search tactics will reap long term benefits, which makes it worth trying.

  • Rank For Business-Oriented Keywords
  • Create Content Worth Getting Viral To Get Google’s Preference
  • Sort SEO confusion and target limited pages with limited keywords
  • Create an engaging Meta description to Increase Click-Through-Rate
  • Optimize page titles, the most crucial on-page SEO element

These 5 techniques work best to improve the quality of the website for both search engines and visitors. These techniques are tried and tested by the best SEO Company in Noida. Read more on how to implement the best SEO techniques to double organic traffic.

How to Implement Best SEO Practices?

How to Implement Best SEO Practices?

If you are a newbie, let’s start with first thing first.

Know where this traffic comes from?

The source of traffic will help you figure out the best SEO strategies to implement. Analyze different marketing channels like Video marketing, Email marketing, Content marketing, Social media marketing, and SEO & PPC. Evaluate the underperforming channels. Your website can be the major source to drive traffic, try fixing issues in it at first. Look for more enhanced SEO tips for beginners to pick a result-oriented approach. This is how you can work on your website.

Get the SEO Audit Done for Your Website

Regular SEO audits will help you discover the low performing aspects of your website. This will help you analyse what’s driving off your potential traffic and sales. With everything in view, you can devise growth strategies that can perform well or you can look up to the best SEO agency to get it done.

To your surprise, most of the well-designed websites don’t perform well as their on-page SEO is not done appropriately. Here is a basic analysis that you could do the right way.

  • Check pages on your website are optimized for relevant keywords
  • Meta Title tag and Description optimization
  • Take a look at page speed and image optimization
  • Make sure that website content and blog posts are formatted sequentially with proper interlinking
  • Analyse the URL structure to ensure that it is readable and human friendly
  • Optimized images for keywords by adding an ALT attribute

Understand Your Audience

Most of the visitors make purposeful visits to your website. Understanding their purpose would help you frame your strategies to drive sales. Once you get a hold of it, you will more likely convert accidental visits into repeated customers. Do some brainstorming to figure out their purpose. With clear search intent, the audience is more likely to pick your services.

For instance,

If a visitor searches for a “digital marketing course”, he is probably looking for a learning course and not “digital marketing services”. So if you try to convert him, it would be purposeless. Grab visitors who search for “digital marketing services”, and “digital marketing prices” as they are your possible leads. Choose a business-related keyword to rank high on SERP to come across your potential traffic. Professional SEO companies or SEO professionals can help you get an edge over it with tried-and-true suggestions and solutions.

Modify Your Landing Page as Per SEA (Search Engine Algorithm)

You may find savvy marketers to guide you to create irresistible copy for landing pages.

  • Remove distractions and navigations to prevent the reader’s movement
  • Post-reader-centred content to keep them engaged
  • Increase touch points with your brand
  • Add CTA on Landing Page with Convertible Content(Flash Sales, Lead Magnet, Membership Content, High-Ticket Offers)

Create high-quality landing pages that can convert on their own; if not driving traffic to sales funnels, these landing pages should initiate a strong relationship. Modern layout, professionally created graphics, SEO optimized content, etc. would help in creating it best. Reach the SEO experts to know about different types of SEO techniques and get SEO tips that can produce instant results.

Remember the SEO strategies that were effective in 2019 are useless today even in 2021 too, and those which are prominent today will be futile tomorrow. SEO tactics keep on changing, so keep updating your website with the same to stay ahead of time. This would give you an idea of how to win at SEO.

Advanced SEO Internal Deep Linking

Sending traffic to the home page wouldn’t reap as many benefits as sending it to internal pages. Internal deep linking is an important part of advanced SEO to boost your website traffic. It increases page views, and uptime and decreases bounce rate as well. Deep Linking is a process of hyperlinking links to other web pages rather than the home page. You can get these links by using an email signature, guest post bio, blog comments, forums, social networking sites, social publishing sites, article syndication, etc.

Benefits of Deep Linking

  • It raises the Site Authority
  • It increases the visibility of internal pages as well
  • Search engines will reach the depth of the site
  • It validates the relevancy of the site
  • Improves the value of SEO done on your website

Link to External Sites with High Domain Authority

Though this seems to be obvious, but it carries potential value and can drive prospective traffic. When you link to high authority sites, it not only drives traffic but builds creditability even for Google. Search for sites with high Domain Authority & Page Authority and approach these websites to link back to your content. Email them with your ideas about their recent blog post and how your content connects with their crux. If they accept your article, it’s a great way to get traffic to your website.

Bottom Line:

Driving traffic isn’t easy as building the website by using CMSs or using pre-made templates. You can use the above-shared SEO tips to increase more traffic to your website. Implementing these techniques is not that easy for newbies so you can approach the best SEO Company that would do it for you within your budget. They have hands-on latest tips for SEO and can draw in potential traffic for you.

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Sumit working as Digital Marketing Strategist at Assert IT Solutions. His expertise in Digital Marketing, SEO, Social Media Ads, PPC Ads, Blogging and Content Marketing. Areas of interest are Web Designing & Development and Graphics Designing (Retouching & Infographics).

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