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6 Best Social Media Marketing Courses to Learn in 2022

Social media marketing helps companies grow and attract more audiences. It helps them drive sales and keep a competitive edge. Due to this reason, the demand for social media marketers is increasing. If you don’t want to hire a branding agency London and want to promote your own business, then you have landed in the right place. This article will help increase your social media marketing knowledge with 6 of the best social media marketing courses.

Six Best Social Media Marketing Courses For Beginners

1- Social Media Marketing Specialization (Coursera):

This social media marketing course is best for in-depth Learning. If you want to learn the foundation of social media, then this course is for you. Northwestern University offers it through Coursera. It covers everything you need to know about building a successful social media strategy.

This course covers six parts: Social media marketing, analytics, engagement strategies, content creation, advertising, and business planning.

Furthermore, this course also includes Support from course instructor Randy Hlavac, Course videos and readings, practice quizzes, and projects. When you complete the course, you get a certificate.

2- Content Marketing Masterclass (Udemy) :

It’s the best course for learning how to create content that converts sales. It is offered on Udemy. If you want to learn how to take your social media presence to the next level, this course is for you. This course covers setting up your accounts and optimizing them for your social media platform. It will also teach you about buyers’ journey and how to take advantage of it to drive sales. This course will also help you determine which platform is best for that kind of business.

3- Social Media Marketing Mastery (Udemy):

This course will help you learn how to write ads for different platforms. This course is also offered by Udemy. It is one of their bestsellers and has more than 100,000 students. This course covers Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google, YouTube, LinkedIn, and more.

It will help you create highly optimized ads that will increase sales. At the end of this course, you will be able to create extremely targeted ads and a loyal customer base for taking your business to the next level.

4- Advanced Social Media Certification Training (MarketMotive):

This course is excellent for people who already have digital marketing experience and want to enhance their skills further and move towards the social media marketing realm. It is filled with a lot of knowledge and especially focuses on the philosophy behind social media marketing.

It will teach you how to adapt your social media marketing strategy to represent your business. You will also understand how to create sustainable systems that you can incorporate into your campaigns.

5- Social Media Marketing Certification (HubSpot)

This course teaches you how to influence the conversations around your business. It will also help you understand how to attract new and loyal customers. It will also help you make an effective social media strategy to capitalize on inbound marketing efforts. This course is provided by HubSpot. It is a full-service CRM platform that offers a vast range of sales and marketing resources.

6- Introduction to Social Media Marketing (Meta)

This course is excellent if you want to lay your foundation for social media marketing strategies. It is created for beginners and small business owners who wish to take their business to the next level. This course is developed with Meta. That’s why its primary focus is Facebook and Instagram. However, apart from those two social media platforms, you will also learn the basics of WhatsApp, youtube, TikTok, Snapchat, Pinterest, LinkedIn, WeChat, etc.


Social media marketing is complex. There are many things that a social media marketer has to target and look at. Master the art of social media marketing With the help of these courses. You can have a generalized look into these courses plans and what they offer and then choose the one that helps you sharpen your focus on your area of need.

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