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7 Impressive And Easy Ways To Take Collagen Booster Powder

Collagen, a protein our body makes abundantly, is essential to keep our bones, hair, and skin healthy. As we age, collagen production takes a back seat, and we face skin and hair woes like signs of aging or thinning of hair.

Thus, collagen booster powder is something that many people rely on to give their skin/hair/joints a little love. Skin collagen booster is one supplement that is fairly beneficial for your body. It is safe and will not have adverse side-effect if you buy a natural skin collagen booster powder.

When it comes to taking collagen booster powder, people believe that taking it with water is the only way to consume it. However, that is not true. The advice is to take collagen powder at least twice a day, and you can have it in multiple ways. From your coffee to a yogurt bar, all are great ways to take collagen booster powder.

If you are looking for different ways to take it, here are some ideas to try.

Take it with water

The first way to take collagen booster powder is to take it with water. If you have a collagen powder that is flavored, it is best to use water. Also, use a shaker to ensure there are no lumps. Just add scoops of collagen booster powder to the shaker, add water, and shake it well. You can even use an electric blender for a lump-free drink.

Take it with espresso or latte

Do you feel weird putting collagen in water and drinking it? A quick solution is to take collagen booster powder with your espresso or latte. Make sure it is unflavored, and you can quickly add it to your morning espresso or mid-day latte. Stir it well, and you will not feel any other flavor than your delicious coffee.

It is an effective way to add collagen powder to your diet without letting your taste buds know that you are drinking collagen.

Take it with tea

If you love consuming green tea or chai, it is a perfect way to take collagen booster powder. The unflavored powder will add only benefits to your chai or tea. There would be no additional flavor, and you can enjoy your tea like you always do.

Take it with a protein shake

Do you take a protein shake after your workout session? Then add a scoop or two of collagen booster powder to your protein shake. You are doubling the benefits of the protein shake and can drink your daily intake of collagen powder with ease.

One tip to remember here is to never mix two flavors unless it is chocolate. If your protein powder is flavored, only use unflavored collagen powder and vice versa.

Take it with your milk

Yes, it surprisingly well with a glass of milk. And you can add the powder to any milk. It works well with whole or vegan, like pea or soy, or almond milk. You can mix unflavored or flavored collagen powder with either hot or cold milk and enjoy it any time of the day. If you drink milk at night, adding collagen powder to it will work perfectly for you.

Take it with eggs

When beating eggs to make scrambled eggs or omelets, add a scoop or two of collagen powder. A simple way to take collagen while increasing the nutrient content of your eggs.

Take it oatmeal

Collagen booster powder works well with a warm cup of oatmeal. When you mix and warm all the ingredients, add a scoop of collagen and enjoy this fulfilling breakfast.

It will increase the production of collagen in your body. Make sure that you buy a non-flavored collagen powder so that adding it to various dishes or beverages is not challenging. Let us know in the comments how you take your collagen booster powder?

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