9 Brilliant Minivans Alternatives in 2022

The people of old age used minivans as the vehicle’s top choice. Minivans are big enough to put up a family or a whole group of friends. The new generation does not consider a minivan a car, and they do not find minivans ride relaxed. They wanted some new cars to replace minivans. We can replace these minivans because we have 9 manly minivans alternatives for you.

1. Jeep Patriot

Jeeps are the best solution to replace minivans as they are more spacious, comfortable, and safer than minivans. Jeep Patriot is one of the best options in all of the jeeps. Jeep patriot brings family transportation, ground clearance, vigorous maneuverability, stream fording abilities, and incredible traction.

Additionally, every minivan is expected to do chores, but the patriot does the chores in reality. The patriot has a wide seat LCD monitor, and the toys are trapped in cargo space with the power of a Severus Snap spell. It is the best option to replace minivans because of its powered engine and five-speed manual transmission.

2. VW Touareg

VW Touareg is a vast enough car to replace a minivan. The price of this car is high, and this car also does not give good mileage, but this is not important because this car has many other features. The 17 inches’ wheel, V6 engine, alloy wheels, turn heads, and spacious car space are the car’s features that make this car best suitable to replace minivans.

3. Nissan Cube

Nissan cube is not just a car; it’s a pleasure for the eyes because of its cube shape. Kids think that it is a toy. Many families buy this car because of their kids. They also enjoy riding in it. This car easily replaces minivans because of its spacious interior and reasonable running cost; it has cargo space and 25 mpg.

4. BMW X5 s35i

BMW X5 s35i is a pretty much beautiful car. It has many features to replace minivans. Firstly, BMW’s first entry is in the crossover class, and this car has a luxurious interior and full pop in the power and acceleration of the X5. It has many other features like a huge sunroof, LCD screens, etc. And because of the above features, this car is a perfect alternative to minivans.

5. Kia Sorento

Kia Sorento has standard-level features. The standard level of the car includes a macho V6 engine and third-row seating. These features make this car a good minivan alternative. This car also runs rapidly on fast tracks because it has horsepower and torque, which are also features of this car. This car is also comfortable for families as it provides comfortable seats.

6. GMC Acadia Denali

The Acadia Denali has an up-market uni-body crossover design. This design allows parents to carry seven school kids and look like a Cadillac. This car has special handling. This car is said to be a modified version of a minivan. This car also has many safety features like an airbag as this car is the modified version of minivans, so this car is the best option to replace minivans.

7. Mazda CX5

CX5 is used for lengthy field trips. You can use the Mazda cx5 for long field trips rather than minivans as Mazda is more easily driven on a long road and is more comfortable than minivans. It has horsepower and torque, which makes it an excellent vehicle. The 2.5-liter engine comes standard and produces power and good gas mileage. This car feature recommends you to use this car rather than minivans.

8. Dodge Journey

Dodge Journey is the most handsome and underrated car. This car was made by the company that invented the minivan. It is a seven-seat car. This car also has a 3.6liter V6 with torque and horsepower. This car operates better, but it has a power of a minivan. The wheel size of this car is 17 inches. This car also has many features like other cars. But it is recommended to choose this car because this car was created by minivans inventors and this car also has many features that minivans don’t have.

9. Toyota Land Cruiser

The Toyota land cruiser is mainly used for mountainous areas. Many people go to mountain areas in land cruisers. But this car is on the list of alternatives for minivans because it may be the manliest alternative. The land cruiser climb angle is 65 degrees. This car also impresses the kids and youngsters because of its gigantic look, spacious space, and comfortable seats. The one drawback of this car is its high price. As this car is enormous so the price of this car is also high but no problem because this car provides many of features which are above mentioned


A minivan is a great choice for many families, as minivans are spacious, versatile and safe. Kids in the minivan become the captain of their inner world in these ergonomic seats. So minivans can be a great option for you.

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