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A Practical Guide For Businesses Planning Branding Using Video Animation Services

Every business owner puts their heart and soul into their production processes to show their better version to their customers. They try different techniques and methods to improve their working strategies while influencing the market for the long term. Their first focus is their branding strategy, the most crucial process for any business. Marketing is the first thing that makes any business recognizable in the market. It highlights all the core values of a business and showcases how much potential a business has to compete in the market. However, it depends upon the marketing strategy that strong it is to help businesses create a competitive advantage over their competitors. Among the leadi2d marketing trends, video animation services are making sound progress in adding value to a company’s branding and fully expressing its vision to the audience.

Amongst the most effective marketing tactics, animated videos have created a buzz in the business world with high-quality, attractive, and next-level engaging video crafts. Moreover, animated videos have various types, and each video type comes with unique features and purposes to express.

It has been observed that people attract to video content and prefer to watch them. This gives an effective clue to businesses to entertain, engage and make people purchase with amazing branding videos. Videos are a great way to pinpoint the key areas about a company’s products and services while delivering brand messages more appealingly. Thus, businesses can not deny the significance of animated videos as their branding assets.

Here we have rounded up different video animation services that businesses must include in their branding suite.

Types Of Video Animation Services

In this digital age, where businesses are more inclined to implement new business strategies, video animation services are taking business’s branding stress. Every business owner wants to polish their products and services to display a better version. For this, they make every possible effort that can lead them to stand out among their competitors. One of the best branding ways, animated videos are the ones that can genuinely contribute to business success and ensure a profitable return for the long term.

Animated videos are short visual sequences used to bound scattered thoughts into a concise frame and demonstrate them. This requires in-depth research about different animations, video types, and skills to utilize and end up with powerful video content. Following is the list of animated videos that businesses must use for successful branding.

  1. 2D Motion Graphics Videos

2D motion graphics are an all-around animated explainer video style made of images to give in-depth insights into any concept. These videos are highly customized with rich use of pictorials and appealing graphics to visualize thoughts. In these videos, video makers pick images and apply motion graphics animation techniques to show movement effectively. We all know about motion graphics, where images move around the video and make people understand what they are trying to convey. This animated video type is usually used in app demos, tech animations, corporate explainer videos, and financial graphics.

  1. 2D Character Animated Videos

We often hear image animation in branding videos, but character animation is something more enjoyable and impactful to impress viewers. In 2D character animation, video-makers use 2D or 3D characters and set them in animation templates to move. Characters can be of any type, including imagery, hand-drawn, or computer-generated. 2D animations animated each of them creatively that it gives a real feel. However, the primary focus of making these videos is to give a realistic impact that immediately draws viewers’ attention while making them stick to it till the end.

  1. 5D Animated Videos

This animation style is an illusion of 3D animation, but it is actually not. In 2.5D animation, the character used in the video look-like 3D but not as much as isomeric illustrations are. 2.5D animation uplift the height and extend the width of 2D images to make them look like 3D but still, they look flat with no in-depth illusion. This amazing style produces high-quality videos and makes things work perfectly so that the audience can better understand what is being conveyed in the video.

  1. Live-Action Videos

If you want to give in-depth and clear insights into your concept, live-action videos are the best to invest in. Live-action videos are one of the best video animation services that directly address the concept and make an immediate impact. However, live-action videos are used for presenting product demos and testimonials. Businesses that want to attract more customers can use live actions to put credibility in their products while helping them create an influence in the market. But it should be kept in mind that if you are filming live-action videos at your home or studio, it will be cheaper. In contrast, the cost will skyrocket if you start with outside elements like actors, crews, and locations.

  1. Whiteboard Animated Videos

Whiteboard animated videos are the ones in which the visual art is shown on a whiteboard. In this video, animators use hand-drawn art to appear simple but appealing. The video tends to make things visible and clear to the audience while expressing the concept in detail. The video is generally used by companies that follow a professional approach or want to be simple. Moreover, whiteboard animations do not cost higher and save a lot of time for companies to focus on important tasks.

  1. Kinetic Typography Videos

As the name implies, kinetic typography is something that does not need any explanation. In this video style, a bunch of text is animated and presented to customers. Generally, the video type is used when businesses want to save time and give a brief overview of their services. Though the idea is cool and the best one for those with a tight budget. But if these exceed from 60-90 seconds, the audience will get bored and do not watch again.


In summary, video animation services are the most popular marketing tool and provide value to a business’s products and services. Animated videos are relatively inexpensive but ensure high-quality production. Moreover, these videos are becoming viral and hitting the market with increasing influence while expressing creativity with their aesthetics and impact masses. The above-mentioned are some of the animated types that businesses must include in their marketing suite and express their emotions to the audience.

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