Advantages and Disadvantages of Dot Matrix Printer

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Among different types of printers, Dot-matrix is very common due to its unique process. But there are mixed opinions about the advantages and disadvantages of the Dot Matrix printer. If that’s what is bothering you too, then you’re at the right place.

Here, in this article, we’ll discuss the benefits and disadvantages of the dot matrix printer. But before that, you should know what the dot matrix printer is, how it works, and its uses.

So without waiting more, let’s get into the details.

What Is a Dot Matrix printer?

A dot-matrix printer is a system that uses impact printing to produce dots on a page. The ink-soaked cloth ribbon is stuck on the paper’s surface by the print head as it goes back and forth. 

When cost-efficiency is a priority, Dot-matrix printers are more common than other printers.

Dot-matrix printers differ in two key ways:


Characters per second (cps) is the speed measuring scale of the dot matrix printer. It may range anywhere from 50 to more than 500. For the most part, these printers provide a range of print rates based on the desired print quality.

Print Quality

It’s possible to get a print with a print quality ranging from 9 to 24 pins. Even the best 24-pin dot-matrix printers can’t produce letter-quality text.

However, the noise level is also an important consideration while buying a printer. Dot-matrix printers are notoriously noisy when compared to laser and inkjet printers.

Working Process

Dot-matrix printers have a unique working process compared to other printers. An impact printer, a dot matrix printer, uses direct impact to print on the page.

Headpins of a dot-matrix printer print data onto the paper. When we press the print button on the printer, the pins impact the cloth ink ribbon. Because of the fabric ink ribbon, you can see the dots printed on the paper.

This is an unusual printer, yet it is still in use due to its adaptability to the surroundings.

Dot-matrix printer applications

You’ll find very less application of dot-matrix printers. These printers are still available because of their low cost, extended lifetime.

The following are some recent examples of where it is being used.

  • ATM’s
  • POS terminals
  • Cash registrar
  • Airports
  • Courier services

That’s all about the pre-history of the dot matrix. Now, it’s time to understand the advantages and disadvantages. So let’s get started.

Advantages of Dot Matrix

Here’re some advantages that you’ll get from dot-matrix printers.

  1. Lowest Price Printers on the Market

A dot matrix printer is far more affordable than other printers. Also, it’s a readily accessible option for individuals willing to shop.

  1. Has the Ability to Make Carbon Copies

Compared to non-impact printers, this is an excellent method for producing carbon copies. Because of this, it is a superior option if you’re looking for more efficient outcomes.

  1. Indicator of a Replacement Ribbon

By the time the printout begins to fade, it will be a steady fade rather than a sudden stop in its progress. This will guarantee that you have enough time to replace the ribbon before a disaster occurs.

  1. Environment-friendly

Regardless of how filthy or unclean the surroundings are; this printer will still function properly. For this reason, it’s a popular choice among businesses and retail establishments alike.

  1. Low-cost maintenance

This printer has a cheap cost of printing and a low maintenance cost since it has just a few components.

Disadvantages of Dot Matrix

Dot-matrix printers are not free from disadvantages. So you might see the following drawbacks while using a dot matrix printer.

  1. Low-resolution output

Dot-matrix printers don’t provide high-quality results. As with color output, the print speed is lower, and the quality is also less impressive. 

In other words, the print quality of this gadget isn’t all that great. This may also affect the scanner’s printouts. 

  1. Pins are prone to bending

Since pins flex so readily, the print head is vulnerable to damage. Additionally, the printer might be a little loud when the pins contact the ribbon and paper.

  1. Inefficient and prone to Paper Jamming

Manually wounding and aligning a single sheet of printed paper may take more time. In addition, this might lead to more paper jams than other printers. Resolving this issue will be tough regardless of the number of afflicted devices.

  1. The density of barcodes is low

It’s very clear from the printouts that you can’t read the barcode. The reason is the codes are very unclear and of less quality.


  1. Q) Is it costly to use a dot matrix printer?

Answer: Some industries use these printers through laser, and inkjet printers have replaced them. These printers are pricey and may cost more than an inkjet printer.

  1. Q) Why are dot matrix printers no longer in use?

Answer: The quality of the output isn’t very excellent. When compared to non-impact printers, color printouts have fewer options. Not only that, it comes with a slower print speed. Because of this, the overall quality of printouts isn’t great.

  1. Q) Why do banks still use dot-matrix printers?

Answer: Dot-matrix printers are still popular. The reason is nothing but the application of impact technology. Carbon or carbonless paper receives pressure from the needle on the ribbon via the copy.

  1. Q) What can a dot matrix printer print?

Answer: They’re ideally suited for use on uncoated, thin paper. A dot matrix printer is the best option if you need a printer for multiple-part forms, like invoicing. A single form may print on all of its portions at once using impact printing.

  1. Q) Why do dot matrix printers work well in dusty areas?

Answer: Unlike other printers, dot-matrix printers can function in dusty and hot settings. They can also generate consistent output for lengthy periods. Heat and cold damage inkjet inks and laser toner, while dust causes jamming and poor output.


Everything in this world has certain expiring days. And dot-matrix printers are no exception to that. From the article, you already got to know the importance and drawbacks of dot-matrix printers.

After considering all the factors, you can go with these printers if you feel it’s suitable for you. Otherwise, you can always switch to other options.


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