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Amazon Brand Registry Benefits Every Seller Should Know

More than 100,000 brands around the globe utilize Amazon Brand Registry — could your business be one of the many? Amazon Brand Registry helps owners of businesses like yours by providing you with control over your products that are sold through Amazon.

1. Protect your product listings from other sellers

You not only have the power to decide the way your product’s information is displayed as well as gain control over your product’s marketing.

Additionally, Amazon Brand Registry benefits your business by reducing the possibility of other sellers changing the information associated with your business’s brand and its products.

The program will always rank the information from the registered brand over any other. Amazon is also able to protect you in the role of an advertising company.

Brand Registry collects all the details about your brand to provide predictive protections to ensure the authenticity of ads that feature your brand’s trademark.

When you require additional security measures, Brand Registry can provide you with the assurance to be confident that your business is authentically and effectively marketed and you are in charge.

2. Increase your product sales

If you sign up to Brand Registry, you’re likely to be enjoying a number of advantages.

One of the quickest benefits you can see is the increase in sales when Amazon eliminates fake listings and prioritizes the information about your company.

Amazon Brand Registry proactively works to increase your sales and increase the rate of conversion.

While not every business owner will experience a tangible financial impact, it’s a worthwhile investment as it’s cost-free.

Furthermore, Amazon Brand Registry helps ensure the integrity of your business. If you are a seller who is using your name to market their inferior product, it could cause a massive negative reaction from customers who purchase the product without realizing that it’s a knockoff.

3. Get access to proactive report and search tools

Because Amazon simplifies the process of monitoring and makes it easier to make use of their tools for searching to pinpoint exactly the moment a problem occurs.

You can also utilize Amazon Brand Registry’s Image Search feature to find out what other listings on Amazon incorporate your logo.

Make use of large-scale Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) searches to discover the extent to which another listing violates your content.

In the end, the tools provided from Brand Registry make it easy for your staff to protect your brand. It is possible to identify infringement issues quickly, which can minimize the potential harm to your brand as well as the sales you make on Amazon.

When you’ve submitted your report, Amazon will take care of the rest. Most of the time, Amazon takes action on more than 95 percent of infraction notifications within just eight hours.

4. Expand your ad options

Another advantage from Amazon Brand Registry is Amazon Sponsored Brands can be unlocked.

This ad format permits your business to market three or more products. Additionally the Sponsored Brands incorporate your logo and your brand’s name, which will help in promoting your brand.

And, even better, Sponsored Brands appear at the top of results for search results, over Sponsored Products.

With this additional option for advertising we can design an entire advertisement campaign.

The great thing is that the approval time to join the Amazon Brand Registry is less than 24 hours in the majority of instances, so you can begin using Sponsored Brands earlier instead of later.

5. Control your brand’s representation

When you make use of Amazon Brand Registry, you have control over the product details pages on Amazon.

If a buyer visits the product’s listing they also view your content, not the third-party sellers.

In the absence of Amazon Brand Registry, resellers of your product or knockoffs of your product can be granted access to the page that describes your product.

The shift in power can result in changes that could misrepresent your brand image, which could cause harm to the image of your business in the eyes of the public.

The good thing about Amazon Brand Registry has the advantage that you do not have to worry about someone else damaging your brand’s reputation on Amazon since you are in complete control over your branding.


If you are planning to begin advertising and marketing on Amazon it is essential to stay up-to-date with the most recent developments and strategies for Amazon, the biggest online retailer in the world.

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