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Blog Writing Tips That Will Make You Think Twice

Blogs are a Trusted Source of Information. It is the best way to present personalized information. These are a good source of promotion as well. Let me tell you how:

For example, You have a cosmetic store which you want to promote. One of the best ways is to start blogging. Publish blogs on the following topics:

  • How to use the Cosmetics in a Skin-Friendly way?
  • Which cosmetics are Best for your skin type?
  • How often should you use Cosmetics?
  • Why should people rely on your brand?

It is the best way to do a promotion that doesn’t actually sound like a promotion. It’s like serving Information in the platter of promotion. But our goal is not supposed to be limited to blogging. It should be more expansive & broad. You must appear on the 1st page of the SERP. If you rank there, congratulations as you are on your way to success.

Question Please!

I know our intelligent readers will have a question for sure.

Do I Need To Change My Blog Writing Practice If It Will Be A Part Of My SEO Campaign? 

Well, Yes!

If you only want to convey the information to the users, you may not need an SEO campaign. But if your goal is to promote your product & Increase your ROI, then you need to have an SEO campaign. And the blog writing practice is going to be a bit different in that.

How To Write Blogs Considering The SEO Point Of View? 

Blog writing per SEO point of view is essential to get a head start for your SEO campaign.

  • Know-How Google Treats the CONTENT? 

There are certain things that Google likes about Content, and the writers who follow all those things are more likely to get their Content ranked:

  • Your Content should not be less than 500 Words (Google loves Longform Content)
  • Your article or blog must be written in a grammatically correct & error-free manner.
  • Do not copy the ideas of others (Do not publish anything which is already there on the internet)
  • Present the information in an exciting way that all kinds of users (Intellectual, People with Lower & Poor intellect) understand what you want to convey.

Pro Tip 1: 

If you publish the Blogs/ Articles on the Trending Topics, Google will doubtlessly rank you. 

  • Don’t Shun Off The Updation 

If you are an owner of a successful website and your SEO campaign does not involve updating the previously written blogs, be ready to experience a plummet in ranking.

Why Should The Blogs & Articles Need To Be Updated? 


Not every information is universal. It keeps on changing with time. What is True for today will not be for tomorrow.

For example: Publishing an article named ‘Effective Tips for Enterprise SEO Services of 2022′ will irrefutably help you to gain traffic & results in the year 2022. But you can’t expect to achieve the same in 2023 and the coming years.

Pro Tip 2: 

Be consistent with Blog Posting & Updation. If you are not doing it regularly, you will suffer. 

  • Use Keywords (Relevant, Required Density & Natural Embedding) 

Keywords can be short or long phrases people usually type in to search for a particular product or service. For example, You want to target all the audience which is searching for a salon; then you will target the following keywords:

Keywords      Volume
Nail Salon Near Me     2.1 M
Nail Salon     1.8 M
Hair Salon Near Me     770 K
Hair Salon     715 K

These high-volume keywords will help you with sales if you embed them naturally in an article.

For example, My friend invited me to his wedding on short notice. I was not ready. Neither my hair was done nor my nails. I instantly searched for “Nail Salon Near Me”. It helped me to run across ‘Delegant Salon’. The Salon owner was so lovely; she agreed to attend to me even at 11 pm. 

Use the Right Tools: Many tools can help you precisely carry out keyword research. Some are FREE, while others are PAID. If Budget is a constraint for using the paid tools, then here is a tool for you:

Pro Tip 3: 

Convince Search Engine Crawlers – Embed Keywords in URL. 

  • Content + Images = Bang! Bang!

Content without images is like a body that is deprived of legs & arms. Don’t make your Content handicapped. Make sure to add pictures to it.

Brownie Point: 

Adding Images to your Content increases your chances of being found by users searching for the relevant images.

Pro Tip 4: 

Don’t forget to add an ‘Alt Tag’ to your image & give it a relevant name that includes Keyword. 

  • Obtain Links from High-Quality Sites 

By obtaining high-quality links from reputable sites, we can increase our chances of being shown in the Search Engines.

Kinex Media’s CEO Karan Sharam recently published a blog in Forbes magazine that explains the importance of Backlinks. The article’s title is Backlinks: How To Create These Powerful Connections With Other Sites.

  • Make your Content Shareable

By adding the Social Buttons on the side and below your Content, you can make it easily shareable. If someone likes it, they can instantly share it with people who share common interests.

  • Don’t ignore the Meta Description

A good Meta Description can make the change possible for you. A well-written and informative meta description can help you fetch the users to your page.

Level Passed!

What’s Up? Feeling Knowledged?

A good SEO expert keeps on enhancing their knowledge with each passing day. It has been observed that digital marketing is an ever-growing & evolving field. Regular amendments can be experienced. As said earlier, What was true yesterday, will not be today.

This article gives you a perfect insight into what’s being liked in SEO nowadays and how you can maximize benefits by understanding how Google crawls your website.

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