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Blog Writing Tips To Produce Great Content

Many people love writing, and they do, however, not necessarily it up to the mark. Moreover, blog content is a crucial part of building a strong online presence. One of the best tactics for building out your small business content is by writing blog articles.

So, to help you be productive in your blogging, I put together our top Blogs for Writers. Read these to improve your blogging process now.

Structured Writing Blogs

1. Twitter / Write to Done

This is one of the top picks for Blogs for Writers. This blog contains writing articles and is dedicated to improving one’s writing skills. You’ll discover inspiration and suggestions here whether you’re writing nonfiction, novels, blog pieces, or sales pages. Imposter syndrome, rebounding from hurtful criticism, and establishing a pen name are just a few of the subjects covered in ‘Write to Done.’ Write to Done’s head ghost editor, Mary Jaksch, curates and publishes material to provide authors with a lot of experience.

2. Twitter / Write Practice

The second on the list of Blogs for Writers is ‘Write Practice,’ which greatly helps new authors kick-start their careers. They will practice writing like Hemingway, James Joyce, Malcolm Gladwell, and others for fifteen minutes six times a week. This site’s author is a writing coach, and his blog has a fresh feel to it with lots of advice on narrative, character development, survival, and more.

3. Twitter / Live Write Thrive

The third recommendation on the list of Blogs for Writers would be ‘Live Write Thrive.’ Writers may trust the feedback they get to improve themselves. Susanne Lakin provides a safe haven for potential writers searching for instruction and encouragement, having guest blogged for some of the most well-known writing sites on the web and producing some amazing creative work of her own. Writing social media content may be a lucrative business for anyone who has a talent for growing online audiences and making viral social postings. It’s worth attempting affiliate marketing if you want to focus on making money from your own social feeds.

4. Writers in the Storm

‘Writers in the storm’ ranks fourth on the list of Blogs for Writers. Three published writers wrote this blog. They write on dealing with deadlines, author branding, managing kids and writing, and other topics. If you wish to read about the thrills, spills, and obstacles of becoming one, you may find it amusing, intriguing, and instructive. In a piece of writing, the weather is never just about weather. Weather can also be used to Plot devices: Characters may be forced to do something by the weather, such as band together to get out of the rain. Enhancement of the atmosphere: And if you belongs to designing you should also learn how to illustrate a children’s book.

5. Make a Living Writing / Twitter

‘MAKE A LIVING WRITING’ ranks fifth on the list of Blogs for Writers. IT contains 700 great pieces for freelance writers trying to break in, progress ahead, and make more. This blog aims to assist freelance writers in increasing their earnings. These Blogs for Writers will help become a top earner on one of those freelancing websites where most authors indulge in the heinous practice of underbidding one other For mountains of work.

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