Cleaning and disinfection protocols for schools

The care and health of children is one of the greatest concerns of any parent. Especially when they are at school and have no regular cleaning. In this sense, the cleaning protocol in schools has gained transcendental relevance and in this SCS Group School Cleaning post we are going to explain what it comprises.

Creating a bacteria- and virus-proof environment requires professional procedures that go beyond hygiene itself, which must be taken care of on a day-to-day basis. Our team of qualified specialists offers you the best disinfection results for large spaces such as study centers.

There are three ways to slow the spread of pathogens in a school setting and it is important to follow them, especially in these times of COVID-19 when we still need to remain vigilant at all times. These include personal hygiene, usual cleaning methods, and disinfection and hygiene protocols.

How is a school cleaning protocol done?

As we have said, cleaning and disinfection are an extra step, since they differ from hygiene in that their function is to kill germs on any surface or object , in addition to removing dirt and impurities. Before carrying them out, the operations to be carried out must be recorded in a document, specifying dates and who is going to do it in order to maintain a control system .

The writing of a cleaning protocol in schools or any other space must answer the following questions:

  • What needs cleaning? In this case, the surfaces and objects of a school.
  • How are we going to clean? It is necessary to specify which technique is going to be used and what its procedure will be.
  • What do need to use for disinfection? This section details the materials or compounds to be used; For example, in SCS Group we are specialists in cleaning with ozone.
  • When are you going to do? Just a cleaning or disinfection is not enough, since for a week or a month schools can accumulate many microorganisms. Here the agreed periodicity is specified.
  • Who is going to do the cleaning and supervise it? With each service that you contract in SCS Group you will have the security of knowing who will be the person who will carry out this work, as well as the one who will be in charge of supervising it.

This protocol, also known as a work instruction, serves, in turn, to certify that the service is carried out correctly and offers effective results. We can check in two ways, one more thorough than the other:

  • Subjective verification: This is a daily superficial observation of the state of the facilities, as well as of the equipment and objects that compose them, carried out by a previously assigned responsible person.
  • Objective verification: The periodicity of this type of review varies since it implies a deeper analysis that is impossible to achieve out on a day-to-day basis. It comprises carrying out microbiological examinations. Same thing with the equipment and objects to verify the existence or not of bacteria and germs.

Steps to develop a cleaning and disinfection plan

When we develop a cleaning protocol in schools, the main thing is to make an inventory of all the equipment and objects that you have, since they will be the ones that we are going to disinfect. In this document, the nature of the materials that compose them must be put into account.

Likewise, it is important to include other details such as the chemical composition of the accumulated dirt, the disinfectants that we are going to use or prevent any risk during the process of ozonizations, it is mandatory to leave the space on which we work until the compound has completely disappeared.

Within this global plan is where the cleaning protocol in schools is drawn up , in the fourth step, as well as control records in the last place that verify the work carried out and its supervision.

How do carry out school cleaning?

Good personal hygiene of each of the people who go to school, both workers and students.  The first step to favor a cleaning protocol in schools. We performed cleaning and disinfection as separate processes to meet different but complementary objectives.

First, we carry out the cleaning to remove all the remains and impurities from the surfaces by sweeping and applying basic cleaning products. It is important to note that doing this process alone does not kill germs, but it helps reduce them. It is not a complicated or expensive process.

Complex area disinfection

There is the sanitization of the entire complex. This is the work that allows us to kill and eliminate bacteria. To achieve a clean environment, that is proof of microorganisms or viruses.   It is the definitive step to disinfect even those places that are most complicated for human work thanks to the effectiveness of our machines and products.

This second step is key within the cleaning protocol in schools and consists of applying chemical products with techniques as effective as ozone disinfection, a powerful compound against microorganisms and bad odors. Other very useful products are chlorine, bleach, and alcohol. Ozonation guarantees the best results and for really cheap prices.

Clean up your school with SCS Group Cleanups

At SCS Group Cleaning we have extensive experience in cleaning protocols in schools. Our staff has the necessary professionals and tools to successfully carry out comprehensive cleaning work on walls, mirrors, doors, floors, bathrooms, kitchens, and any property of schools cleaning and universities in Melbourne.

Ask us for advice on any of these tasks. We will gladly assist you and analyze your case in a personalized way. In order to offer you the best results.

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