Common MacBook Repair Problems and Their Solutions

MacBooks are one of the most widely used laptops in the world with millions of users buying a new one every year. While it is an engineering marvel and alone competitor of Windows laptops, it is prone to common laptop issues just like any other laptop. Here we’ve discussed some of the most common MacBook repair problems that users face and how they can solve them on their own or with the help of a professional.

Here are some of the common problems MacBook face

Screen Flickering

Screen flickering might be the most annoying problem in a MacBook. The screen can dim or increase brightness intermittently while you are working or start flickering rapidly. This is not only irritating to look at but can cause issues like a headache.

While physical screen damage can be a cause for the screen flickering, it can happen due to outdated macOS versions or installing 3-rd party browsers like Chrome and Firefox. Try removing these apps and updating the Mac software to see if the issue is fixed. You can try resetting the PRAM/NVRAM on your Mac as well if deleting and updating didn’t help.

MacBook turns off suddenly and repeatedly

Nothing is more frustrating than a laptop rebooting out of the blue while you were doing something important on it. If this happens with your laptop and has become a common occurrence with the laptop dying out on you even if the battery percentage is healthy, it’s time to get it fixed.

Check if your battery is working and charging fine or not. If it’s good, try resetting the SMC or System Management Controller after performing a healthy restart of the laptop. If nothing fixes the issue, get it looked at by a professional.

Mac running slowly

Apple is known for making optimized products that make the best use of hardware and software to perform at the highest levels. The same goes for MacBooks and if your Mac is running slowly, it should be a cause for concern. You should try deleting all the unnecessary apps, files, images, videos, and more taking up storage space in the laptop and keeping the MacOS updated at all times. There are certain apps that are still not optimized to make the best use of Macs and using them can also make your laptop run slowly.

Blank screen during startup

Imagine switching on your MacBook but instead of showing the main desktop, it is stuck on a blank black or blue screen and isn’t moving forward. If you face such an issue, your laptop froze during startup and you need to restart the laptop by pressing the power button for a few seconds. There can be another issue where only the Apple logo is displayed on a grat screen.

Try restarting your laptop in Safe mode, figure out the troublesome items that can cause this issue and then restart the system again. While this can be a kernel issue or a glitch in essential software that occurs randomly, you should contact a professional if the issue persists.

Damaged screen

A crack on the screen or a broken screen can be ignored for a while if the display is working fine. But if screen damage causes issues with your display, it is best to get it looked at by a professional either at an authorized Apple repair centre or by a 3-rd party repair centre. Screen damage can be the most costly MacBook repair issue that requires a complete screen replacement, or sometimes even system replacement.

Water damage

While the MacBooks are made with sturdy components, they are not waterproof and spilling your morning coffee on the keyboard can prove a costly mistake. Water damage can cause varied issues like the keyboard not working properly, motherboard issues, loud fan noise, screen flickering randomly and more.

It is best to try to dry out the MacBook on your own as much as you can and then take it over to a professional for a complete diagnostic. Apart from blow drying it or keeping it in rice, there is nothing much you can do to reverse the damage and fix the device.

Choosing a 3-rd Party Repair Center

You can perform a MacBook repair in an authorized Apple service centre at an exorbitant price or choose a 3-rd party repair centre like Rapid Repair to get it fixed at a fraction of the cost. Their technicians are experts in working with Apple devices and instead of replacing the whole system due to damages, try to repair the device so that you don’t lose any data and can save up on expenses. Rapid Repair has partnered with logistic partners through which you can send your device for repair and receive it after it is fixed completely all the while sitting at your home.

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