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Complete Checklist to Hybrid Event Equipment

Introduction to Hybrid Events

As you might have understood by the name, hybrid events are the blend of virtual and physical events. You might have noticed that ever since people got to know about this format, they have outnumbered the physical and virtual events in total. The reason, they come with several advantages. They give the benefit of convenience to the audience as they get to decide the format they would like to pick and participate in the event. 

Hybrid events come with numerous benefits; they have a few challenges as well. Since they bring both the formats of hosting events together, planning and hosting a hybrid event is a challenge in itself. 

There are several benefits of a hybrid event; some of them are mentioned below. Have a look: 

  • Hybrid events allow the organizers to tap on a wider range of audience. Since, a hybrid event is a combination of online and offline event, the organizers can target more attendees, based on their mode of attending the event. 
  • They are environmentally friendly, and don’t have any negative impact on the environment. 
  • Hybrid events provide effective and better branding opportunities for the sponsors. 
  • These events let the organizers get insight into the attendees’ activities on the virtual event platform. It helps them analyze their strategies and measure the event’s success. 

Equipment Requirements

The equipment and the strategies you pick for the event can have a great impact on its execution and success. To ensure you execute your planning successfully, using the right tools becomes a must. Here, we have come up with a list of all the tools that you need to host a hybrid event:

  • Wi-Fi / LAN:

    The first and foremost requirement  for your hybrid event is a fast and steady internet connection. For this, you need to have a Wi-Fi connection or a LAN cable. Stable internet connection will enable you to stream your event for the attendees who are attending the event virtually seamlessly. An unstable connection will not only affect the quality of your streaming but will also leave a bad impression on the attendees. 

  • Camera:

    To ensure high quality of the event streaming, you will need a high quality camera. Compromising with it might cause you a decline in the attendance rates. Everyone wants the best of everything; be it the quality of your video quality or something else. While streaming the event, make sure you place the camera high enough so that the video focuses on the speakers, and not the attendees walking in. 

There would be moments when you will be required to move the camera and capture moving shots. For this, you can set up multiple cameras. Along with it, make sure the format of your screen is compatible with various sizes, depending on the screen size of the attendees. Not only this, to ensure high video quality, capture the video in HD with the help of an HD camera. Don’t forget to use a tripod or a stabilizer to ensure maximum stability.

  • Lighting:

    A well lit surrounding will add to the beauty of your video. Lighting plays the same role in a hybrid event as in a physical setting. If it is an outdoor setting, natural light will do the trick; however, in case of an indoor setting, use artificial lighting to make the video visually pleasing. aAlso, make sure you place the lights carefully. Don’t set up the light source in front of the speaker, not behind. Use different types of lighting such as stage lights, colourful lights, spotlights, etc. 

  • Webcam:

    Though most laptops and computers these days have built-in webcams that you can use for any sort of event. However, to maintain high quality of the streaming video, you can switch to a webcam. A standalone webcam can affect the video quality manifold. These kinds of webcams are generally connected with the laptops or PCs with the help of USB cables. 

  • Microphone:

    The audio quality of the stream has the same impact as the video quality. Maintaining the good quality of the stream gets more challenging as it is in the case of a virtual event. To ensure good quality of the video, you would need a high quality microphone. If you use a regular microphone, even the slightest of the speaker’s movement will create a disruption in the audio quality; such frequent disturbances can disappoint the attendees. 

Hence, invest in a high quality microphone that will make the speaker audible for both physical and virtual attendees. You can either use a wired or a wireless one. If you opt for the former, make sure that you cover the wirings neatly. Also, if you are planning to host a Q&A session for your in-person attendees, make sure you have ample wireless microphones for the smooth execution of the segment.

  • Audio Support System:

    Have an efficient audio support system that will ensure smooth management of all the audio requirements. An efficient audio management system will ensure efficient sound broadcasting for both the formats. Along with it, make sure that you have your backup equipment ready for emergencies. 

  • Video Support System:

    Having a reliable audio support system will ensure that switching back and forth between the slide shows and the onsite speakers over time and again is done seamlessly. There are a few things that one should take care of such as; keeping the presenter on speaker while presenting a slideshow, the slides should be presented in full screens, and then again switching back the camera to the live speaker takes place smoothly. 

  • Hybrid Event Platform System:

    It is the most crucial factor you need to consider for a seamless execution of your hybrid event. While looking for a hybrid event platform, make sure you get your hands on an efficient solution. It should be equipped with audience engagement tools, networking options, user-friendly and secure interface. Along with it, ensure that it comes with efficient management and backend support so that the organizers can rely on it in times of need. 


Using these equipment as we have discussed above will ensure the hybrid event is carried out with A1 quality. You can add or remove the equipment from the list depending on your strategies, audience, plannings, and other factors. 

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I’m Alyssa Joshua, and I’m a technical writer. I’m passionate about exploring and writing about innovation, online event technology, social media, new technology, and marketing trends.

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