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Complete Guide about VoIP Security and Encryption

The most common Question that IT specialists ask about the VoIP Phone system is whether the use of VoIP is Secure. In the article, you will learn how to maintain the privacy of SIP-based Phone systems. Despite the cost-saving and multiple functionalities of the VoIP Phone system. There are many people concerned about security issues. Business leaders want to know about the cloud-based phone system. It is resilient to security threats. VoIP is targeted with new security issues. The issues are discovered on a daily basis. The issue is hard for the phone system.

We will cover all the basic points of how we can secure VoIP calls. It may include top VoIP security issues, Mitigation of tactics. To mitigate this problem, you must read the issues:

Why VoIP Security Matters?

Security matters are essential for every business, whether you are running a small or large organization. The disruption of the phone system would be nothing short of catastrophic. The VoIP Phone system is not difficult to use. It costs you a lower cost and gives an advantage to the business owner. The hacker would love to exploit the VoIP network. When you are not looking. But the good news is that the usage of Voice over internet protocol is very secure. It has worked for two decades of penetration testing. Overall, the VoIP Phone system services are very secure. The nature of the security threats continues to evolve.

The business leaders also surveyed in 2019 and the top concerns. 94% of the companies had taken steps to harden their infrastructure, and data breaches and payment fraud topped their worries.

Unlike other IT Security Threats, Voice:

VoIP provides new opportunities for attackers. The top risks may also include spoofing the caller Denial of service (DOS) attacks and interruption of calls. You will also get more.

VoIP security is not about call encryption. It is the level of trust that the message is conveyed over a call and a text network. The platform of business communication may carry out many attacks. IBM also reports The cost of a breach in the US is approximately $8.1 million in 2019. There are certain industries affected more than others. The e-commerce industries are most targeted. VoIP Phone Systems are also used in health care centers, and financial and energy companies. But the VoIP phone system is among the top cyber attacks.  The attackers can also carry out the attacks with the help of VoIP such as:

The social engineers also make VoIP calls:

If the Wifi network password is disclosed:

  • The attacker dialers expensive phone numbers. ( make toll fraud)
  • Provide multi-factor authentication text messages
  • Can get unauthorized access under the false pretext to data networks

The company is also familiar with the security risks. The recent attacks have nothing to do with the strong passwords.

Coordinated attacks against known VoIP users can be aided by social engineering. Customer service and empowered workers in the Network Operations Center (NOC) are always top priorities. Allowing unwanted access to your firm just once renders your intrusion detection system useless.

Kevin Mitnick, a well-known hacker and security consultant, exploited systems in more ways than one. He took advantage of his target’s eagerness to assist. The best defence is to teach your employees how to recognize social engineering. The good news is that effective counter measurement helps to mitigate VoIP security issues. The Voice over internet protocol network becomes resistant to abuse by known and unknown actors.

Let’s take a look at the security threats to the business Phone system.

Traditional Phone Systems vs. VoIP

Calls are routed to a central office through analog terminals. To ensure security between Central Offices, phone companies have implemented security procedures and standards. That security, however, does not apply to your internal phone system.

The weaknesses of business telephone systems spawned an entire subculture. Phreaking, a combination of the words “phone” and “hacking,” is a technique for testing the vulnerability of phone systems. It was feasible to get free calls via the PSTN in the 1970s. Phreakers shifted their focus to Private Branch Exchange (PBX) equipment in the late 1990s. That is, they can use vulnerable company phone systems to launch assaults. Today’s telephone networks separate voice and signalling traffic.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is Different

Calls can also be made using the SIP Protocol. SIP works. The Session Initiation Protocol works as a signalling protocol. It works on reliable internet telephony.  The SIP server compresses the voice traffic onto the media and sends it over the internet connection.

Small and large businesses make calls over the internet. The calls are saved on IT and make your communication easy and smooth. It provides users with the flexibility to work from home. VoIP Phone systems use the same data networks to make phone calls. The VoIP service providers exclusively handle VoIP traffic. The IT experts only need to maintain a secure network for all the staff members. It is also needed that the VoIP Phone system has a stable network connection. You don’t need to build a VoIP infrastructure.

The most significant distinction is that phones and identities are virtual. As a result, users can work from wherever using their VoIP phones. It also implies that consumers can utilize SIP calling apps, sometimes known as softphones, to make calls.

  • Compared to traditional phone networks, VoIP UK phone services have numerous security benefits. Real-time monitoring of calling plan utilization was one of the top features.
  •  Strictly enforce Toll-free calls.
  • To prevent eavesdropping, use encryption.
  • Voicemail with email delivery is a powerful function.

The Future of Securing Phone Systems

We have observed that VoIP also functions on personal devices. It is an essential business communication system. The grass colour becomes greener to give water to it. Secure SIP-based calling becomes a standard. VoIP is more valuable for the organization.

You can also maintain PBX on-premises. Other telephone equipment is another responsibility. All organizations can also use their web hosting for their cloud and  Email systems. The hosted telephone allows the staff to tackle the big project instead of going to use the old equipment. In this way, the company can use the remote workforce.

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