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Creative Ways to Design Facebook Ads in 2022

If you think that Facebook ads are useless, then you are wrong. Facebook earned more than 84 billion U.S. dollars ad revenue in 2020.

Fast forward to 2022, the revenue has definitely increased its value.

Hence, it can be said that people are clicking on those ads.

But the main question is, what will it take to get your audience to click on your ads?

This article will aim to help you out in this regard. We’ll discuss several inventive ways by which one can create and post amazing Facebook ads to improve lead count and earn higher conversions.

How can you target Facebook Ads?

You can make an appealing Facebook ad. But if you fail to target it correctly, it won’t generate impressive or any results.

Hence, you must target the right set of audience based on:

  • Location
  • Languages
  • Culture preferences
  • Age
  • Interests
  • Gender

Expert Tips to Create Amazing Facebook Ads

Creating ads that have the potential to sell is quite critical. We have shared some powerful ways which you can implement to craft stunning Facebook ads that can influence your audience for a call to action.

  1. Include faces: It has been noted that creative ads with faces tend to achieve a lot more engagement. This is because the audience can relate to your ads much better and build an emotional connection if they see a happy and charming face.

It’s just like when we meet a happy and positive person in real life and build a connection with them right away. The same is true for Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms as well.

  1. Show your product being used: You need to ensure that you don’t alienate your audience before you see what your audience is offering.

Display your product being used by someone rather than just making it appear as a showpiece. This strategy can make your audience connect with your product instantly.

  1. Urgency is the key: People hate to miss out. This distinctiveness can help to leverage several opportunities present around us.

Including a “limited time offer”, notice for “price rise”, etc. can help those sitting on the fence make immediate decisions.

  1. Include Text – SMARTLY: Offering a short, simple benefit will get you much better attention than just overlaying text.

Develop a cohesive ad that impacts your audience to make a call. Ensure there is no disconnect between creative design and text copy.

Keep your copy text to the point, preventing the viewer from experiencing confusion.

  1. Add star ratings: If your business or product has a 4-5-star rating, make sure you include it in your ad.

Higher ratings will help you stand apart and prompt your audience to take an action.

It would be worthwhile to make a creative that carries a brand message and positive ratings.

  1. Add customer reviews: Incorporating positive customer reviews can make your brand look reliable. 

You can also add customer success stories or quotes, like how your brand helped them to solve their problems.

You can find these instances from surveying customers, from review websites, or from customer-brand conversations.

  1. Use colors wisely: Colours are as important as your images or text. They can be used to grab the eyes of your audience, define your brand identity and associate your products with certain emotions. 

While deciding which color to use, consider the market you are selling to, your audience interests, and your brand message. Then only you can think along the right lines.

Try including 2-3 complementary colors to make your ad stand apart. You can easily amaze someone into looking at your ad by using contrasting colors.

  1. Apply location-specific graphics: This is especially critical for local businesses. When your audience sees locations they know of in Facebook ads, they can better connect with them.

Display your area in your ads and let nearby people notice your brand.

Location-specific images can be rewarding for travel services or destination-based products.

  1. Add stats: Include studies or stats that reflect your brand’s success.

Adding the percent stats in the brand copy and as well as the upward graph can you’re your brand appear as a good solution for your audience’s problems.

  1. Appeal to emotional and rational thought-process: Many people use a mix of both rational and emotional judgments to make a decision. Hence, your Facebook ads should reflect both emotions to get the best results.

For instance, a shoe store ad may include “countless summer styles to look your best on any occasion”, to appeal to their audience’s emotional side.

At the same time, adding “plus high quality and low prices that will make you a Smart Shopper” can appeal to their rational side.

Facebook Ads and its Types

Facebook ad is significant to make an impact on your target audience for conversions. For this, several Facebook Ad types can be used by businesses for different goals and audiences.

To know more about them, read down below.

  • Image Ads: These are simple, yet effective ads that can be created with a few clicks.
  • Video Ads: These can run in the Newsfeed, stories, or can appear as in-stream ads in longer Facebook videos.
  • Poll Ads: The mobile-only Ad format includes an interactive element by adding a two-option poll to a video or an image ad.
  • Carousel Ads: This ad format uses several images or videos based on the same topic. This ad can be utilized to highlight the different products/services, or their benefits and features. They can also use all the photos to build a large panorama image.
  • Collection ads: These ads are mobile-centric only and let you display 5 images or videos that users can click to purchase a product or service.
  • Instant experience ads: These were previously known as Canvas. They are full-screen ad formats and load instantly. They are aimed to capture the full attention of your viewers.
  • Lead Ads: These ads are also available only for mobile devices. This is because they are specifically designed to make it easy for users to give their contact information without a lot of typing.
  • Dynamic Ads: These ads enable you to advertise targeted products/services to individuals that are most likely to buy them.
  • Messenger Ads: Facebook Messenger ads contain access to around 1.3 billion users. As a result, most people, while creating an ad, just choose Messenger as the desired placement.
  • Augmented Reality (AR) ads: Augmented reality ads utilize features such as filters and animation to allow users to interact with your brand.

These ads can also be used to extend your reach. The ads allow users to take selfies with the filter and share them on their own platforms.

  • Stories Ads: Stories ads are mobile-only full-screen vertical video format that can direct the audience to the landing page once they have seen the ad.

Final Words

This article gives you a detailed picture of planning and creating a Facebook ad. While there are a lot of aspects to keep in line, you must not forget one big picture – reporting on clicks and conversions.

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