Email Popup Templates and Email Popup Examples

If you’re not sure where to start, try these email popups by Qualzz, Gong, Flourist, and Search Engine Journal. These are all examples of excellent email popup examples. Each one offers something a little different, but they all have one thing in common: they make the conversion process a lot easier. You can even download their email popup template and use it in your own campaigns.

Qualzz Email Popup

If you’d like to build a responsive email marketing campaign, you’ll want to use Qualzz email pop ups templates. They have 65 built-in templates that you can use as-is or customize by adding your own design elements. You can even segment your list based on which pages they appear on, which is useful for increasing your conversion rate. You can also create unique popup to draw attention to your content and offer additional incentives to convert visitors into subscribers.


With its revenue intelligence technology, Gong maximizes the productivity of sales calls, helping you ramp up new employees more quickly. By analyzing each interaction, you can replicate the most effective sales interactions to make more sales and impress your boss. Gong also features feedback request capabilities to help you identify areas for improvement. The reviews for Gong are mostly raving. But how can you benefit from using it?


If you want to boost your conversions, consider using a featured image. People instantly connect the 10% off offer with a future purchase, so they are more likely to click through and opt in. Another effective way to attract sign ups is by using a short copy that is easy to scan and understand. Florist’s email popup, for example, utilizes a feature image of two friends enjoying the product, while the copy is short and to the point.

Search Engine Journal’s

When you have a high-quality landing page, you will automatically get more traffic, and a great way to boost this traffic is through email. One way to make sure that your email pop ups templates are converting visitors is to use an exit-intent trigger. This will send a popup on the user’s browser, containing all the information about the event. This will increase your conversion rate by as much as 25%.


Email popup have several advantages over traditional forms of marketing. They can be more effective and have a lasting effect on a person’s mind. They can be used to collect emails, and most websites will only require an email address, though some may ask for other information depending on their marketing strategy. Here are some ways to create a persuasive email popup:


In order to create a highly engaging campaign, you’ll need to make use of Qualzz pop up template and email popup examples. These examples are professionally designed and include a wide range of options. You can even target visitors based on the devices they’re using. This allows you to better target visitors and reduce the number of abandoned carts.

Side Messages’

This design is simple, yet effective in capturing a visitor’s attention. The black and white imagery, simple message, and CTA button all make this email popup look attractive. The bottom text is too close to the content, which causes visual noise and could be separated by a different color. The opt-in step is straightforward but too much text can make it difficult for a reader to take action. A name field and other information about the brand would be beneficial for a more personalized experience.

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