Everything you need to know about office cleaning at night

Keeping your workspace clean is essential. However, all the tasks that have to be done every day can make office cleaning difficult and become a big problem for your business and your employees. For this problem, office cleaning at night is the best solution. 

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Office cleaning at night is the ideal service, since, thanks to this, you do not interrupt any of the activities of the working day of your business. For this reason, when looking for an office cleaning company, the first thing you should check is if they offer this type of service. 

What are the advantages of cleaning offices at night?

The benefits of night office cleaning are many, and they all benefit both the cleaning company and its employees, as well as your business and your work team. The main advantages are that there will be greater productivity and your employees will enjoy a healthy and comfortable work environment from the beginning of their working day

  • Doing office cleaning at night will help you save money

If you decide to clean offices at night, you will see how you save money. First, it will help you reduce expenses thanks to a better cleaning job in the offices, which will help you conserve office objects.

Therefore, you will avoid having to constantly replace some elements since it will not damage them due to lack of maintenance.

If the service you hire is hourly cleaning, it will also help you save money. This is because we used the time you pay only for office cleaning. The staff of the night office cleaning company will not have to stop their work because of the workers or because they have to wait for an area to be cleared before they can clean it.

In addition, when office cleaning is done at night, you are sure that the workspace will be clean since no one will pass through the area while it is wet as if it happens when cleaning work is done in the afternoon or in the morning. . Therefore, carrying out office cleaning at night will make the cleaning last longer.

  • There is no work interruption if you do the cleaning at night

As expected, if you do the office cleaning at night, you will avoid the interruption of the day for both your work team and the office cleaning staff.

The office cleaning staff will not be interrupted either, since they will only be cleaning. In addition, they will not have to: request that an area is vacated, think that they might make the person at that desk uncomfortable, or even try to speed up the drying process of the surface to prevent it from getting dirty when people pass by.

Keep in mind that, if you have an hourly office cleaning service, we will reflect these interruptions because they will need more time to clean everything correctly.

Also, not only will you pay more for cleaning, but there is also the possibility that the productivity of your employees will be reduced. This is because there will be noise and not all of them may work in environments with constant distractions such as office cleaning creates.

Remember that certain products that may have strong odors will be used in the cleaning process and your employees may feel uncomfortable or have allergic reactions if they suffer from diseases such as rhinitis.

  • Cleaning at night allows for a deeper clean

Office cleaning at night, unlike daytime cleaning, is much more complete. Here, since there is no one in the company, it is much more comfortable and easy for the night shift cleaning staff.

For example, people who clean offices at night can move furniture disturbing no one or can clean computers without fear of damaging any files because we already turned the device off.

In short, cleaning at night is much more efficient because they can move and touch everything without asking the permission of the workers who are there. Also, since no one is there, they can do a deeper cleaning.

The cleaning service package includes washing bathrooms and their correct disinfection, deep cleaning of floors and electronic devices, movement of furniture to avoid the accumulation of dust under them, cleaning of windows, and the elimination of insects, rodents, or pests.

What is the price of the office cleaning service at night?

Having an cleaning service on the night shift is more expensive than on the day shift. The price is higher, due to all the advantages that we mentioned before since the night is the daily rest hour, which is why it is more difficult for people to want to work during this schedule.

The cost per hour of cleaning offices at night in the market is approximately $35. However, the price may vary depending on the number of employees sent, the size and number of offices to be cleaned, and the materials used.

Remember that companies that offer office cleaning services at night usually charge per square meter. In case you want a frequent service, they also offer monthly plans, in these situations they do not charge per hour.

Please contact us for any professional help you may needWe are a cleaning company with years of experience in the market and we guarantee the quality of our work. 

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