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Expose Your Business Extensively With Foamex Board: The Best Choice For Printing Sign

To understand the reason Foamex is so suitable for printing signage we must begin by looking at its composition, which is crucial to its use. PVC Foamex as it is evident by its name is a PVC made product that is very strong and firm in its structure site hoarding panels.

You might even be enticed to consider the word “foam” in its title to be false, since the image imagined is that of a material which is soft in nature. But actually it is contrary to the real Foamex PVC board site hoarding panels.

To help you understand the usefulness of the material as well as its benefits for printing signage and foamex board printing is here to provide a count of the pros and cons and cons you need to be aware of prior to deciding for the product. Let’s get started:

The First Thing To Discuss Is The Benefits Of Using It To Create Signage

Cutting Foamex is quite simple to accomplish. You can actually cut it with a drill, then shape it in a variety of ways, and finally glue it however you like site hoarding panels.

Expanding on its flexibility and user-friendliness you can bend and form the Foamex sheet in a variety of ways, making it extremely flexible to use.

The material is extremely robust, and you can count on it to last between 7 years, on average.

One of the main benefits for Foamex print is the fact that the finished product is both water resistant and waterproof. Therefore, if you’re planning to use it outdoors it is highly resistant to changes in weather.

Although you may be looking at a very robust board, such as a 10-millimetre Foamex board, you’ll be amazed to learn that it’s incredibly light. That means hoardings are easily portable and in a position to carry it around without difficulty. If you’re in the middle of nowhere and taking a stand at an exhibition or even the signage you have made of Foamex board will be like a God-sent.

What Are The Pros Of Opting Foamex

The most well-known materials to print signage is Foamex board printing which is very popular due to its lightness. Available in a range of sizes and thicknesses In this article, we will examine the advantages and disadvantages of selecting the right material to print your signage. This will help in determining whether a hoarding panel is the right choice for your requirements for signage.

What Is The Definition Of A Foamex Board?

Foamex is often referred to for its PVC foam board, which could be a misnomer as there is no foam in the product!

Foamex print on board is very well-known, as the material, Foamex, is extremely solid. It can therefore be utilised for many purposes such as exhibitions, making displays and trade shows, among others.

It comes in various thicknesses, including 3mm, 5mm and 10mm. So, based on the reason you’re intending to use it, you can select the thickness you prefer.

The Reasons Why You Should Select Foamex?

1. It Is Easy To Create Custom Shapes

If you’re looking to design unique and original signage that is made of different designs, Foamex board printing is one of the most effective ways to achieve it. You can design custom-made forms for your signage quickly with this type of material.

2. A Variety Of Thicknesses

As we mentioned previously, Foamex is available in various sizes ranging between 1 mm and 19mm with 1 being the least rigid, and 19 being the most rigid. The most frequently used sizes are 3mm and 5mm.

The most popular are 10mm and 3mm. If you want for a small indoor signage, 3 or 5mm foamex are an excellent choice, but if you are looking to print large outdoor signage that must be strong and rigid, 10mm is a great size to consider.

3. It Is Easy To Cut

That  is very simple to cut Foamex into sizes. This is an adaptable material simple to work with. Today, customers are searching for a variety of signs that are affordable in terms of cost. If you are looking for something different and with various shapes, then Foamex is the right choice for you.

4. Cost-Effective

If you’re on a strict budget for marketing, Foamex is one of the top materials to look for because it’s affordable as contrasted to other materials such as Dibond, MDF, wood and more. Due to the fact that it lasts for between 3 and 5 years, it’s worth it.

5. Easy To Install

One of the greatest benefits of Foamex board printing is the ability to install it with ease. Techniques include drilling holes, Velcro and poles attaching it to walls, etc. Foamex can be fixed to nearly everything with such ease that it will save you the trouble.

6. Lightweight

As we have mentioned before, the material is very light in nature. It is very easy to move and set up, meaning that it will save you from a lot of hassles since it’s simple to work with.

7. Quality

With a variety of thicknesses, such as 3mm/5mm/10mm and 10mm, it offers superior quality. Additionally, the material is very resistant to fade and delivers high-quality full-colour printing effortlessly.

What Are The Cons For Foamex Printing?

1. Doesn’t Last Too Long Outside

If the weather is extremely harsh, Foamex Board Printing might not last longer than you’d prefer it to. In these cases, ensure you are using the thicker version that gives it more durability and therefore is more able to stand the weather better.

2. Warps Can Occur

In the paragraph above, selecting the correct site hoarding panels is crucial to ensure that your signage will last longer. If you opt for signage that is thinner could be prone to warping, particularly when it is expose to extreme weather conditions. For instance, in the range of 3mm, 5mmand 10mm 3mm Foamex is more prone to warping when compared to the 10mm Foamex.

Here you go the advantages and disadvantages for Foamex Board. The advantages of the process usually outweigh the negatives, based on the use you’re searching for we can say that it’s an extremely popular choice for clients.

Due to its low cost and its versatility it is a good fit in all situations. If you need further information on the possibility that Foamex is the best choice for your needs, reach out to us, and we’ll be delight to assist you achieve the most effective outcomes.


If you have a little imagination to your side, you could build stunning, eye-catching top quality signs that are sure to draw all the interest of your intended viewers.

One thing to keep in mind is that bollard covers will give you amazing results that look much higher priced than they are. So, it’s no reason to wonder why a large number of companies are now looking to purchase signs that are made of this PVC material.



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