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Facts You Didn’t Know About Bathroom Rugs

A beautifully decorated home is the dream everyone wants to fulfill. Home decor expresses your style and unique taste. It gives others the idea of your soul and sense. A balanced decorated home plays a great role in your everyday life. You spend time, make memories, decorate each corner with attention and care, and above all, rest peacefully at the end of a busy day. You buy everything from wall decors to rugs to small accessories with lots of love. While thinking about floor decor, never ignore the floor of your bathroom. For a majority of people, a rug for the bathroom is just another decor item. In fact, Bathroom rugs are more essential than other rooms. 

Factors To Consider While Getting A Bathroom Rug

As it seems like just a single addition to your home decor. Bathroom rugs are the foremost safety item. It needs to be taken with great care. Besides colors and textures, a safe and non-slippery rug is more important. Some essential factors are size, material, and the quality to wash easily and dry quickly.

  • Size

Size is the crucial element while purchasing a rug. A perfect size multiplies the beauty of the floor rug while oversize or undersize ruins your investment and interior for the bathroom. Look where you are placing the rug and then choose according to space. Outside the bathroom door or in front of the bathtub, a medium size is suitable, while on the sink or toilet side, a small mate style rug is ideal.

  • Material

For bathrooms, an easy to clean, durable and quick-dry material is a must. Jute, cotton, or sisal is the perfect rug material for your bathroom. Make sure the rug is gentle to the feet and water-absorbent. Also, it should be easy to move and machine washable property will double the points.

  • Color

Color theory is more important in bathroom rugs. Go for a rug that blends easily with the decor of your bathroom. Colors should be fade-resistant. You can mix and match or add a complementary color to the decor. Bold or greyish is perfect for bathrooms.

  • Texture And Pattern

Solid color thick, plush and soft rugs are ideal bathroom rugs. Geometrical patterns and abstract designs also go well with bathrooms. Playing with patterns makes the bathroom decor alluring and chic

  • Rug-Pad

The most essential thing to consider is that rugs should be non-slippery. If the rug is thin, buy a rug pad. It will prevent your rug from slipping, wrinkling, and getting wet. Rug-pad also adds texture to the rug.

  • Easy To Clean

Bathroom rug material should be easy to clean, durable, and washable. A perfect rug is machine-washable and dryable. A rug for the bathroom should be easy to maintain. 

Where To Place A Rug In The Bathroom

Where to put a rug in the bathroom is the main question in its decor as its major aim is to provide protection and make the floor non-slippery. In this segment, we discuss the right place for bathroom rugs and how to put them, should you use two rugs or runner rugs. Can you use a bath mate also? Here is the answer to all these questions.

  • Right Place To Put A Rug

The primary purpose of a rug in the bathroom is safety. It should be placed in an area more prone to getting wet. You should put the rug in front of the shower stall or bathtub. Not only  will it add comfort to your feet, but it prevents you from slipping and uneasiness.

  • Number Of Rugs In The Bathroom

The number of bath rugs depends on the size of the bathroom. Leave more space bare in the bathroom. Generally, you need two rugs, one on the sink side and the other in the bath area. 

  • Which One To Chose; Bath Rug Or Bathmate

Bath mates are simple plain color mates with more absorbent properties. They are also easy to clean and dry quickly. At the same time, bath rugs are colorful and vibrant. If you are looking for a simple rug with just soakable properties, bath mates are your choice. And for a more aesthetic look, bath rugs are your perfect friend. 

Types Of Bathroom Rugs

Going for bath rug shopping, you often get confused by the variety of bath rugs available in the market. Here we are discussing all the types to guide you about the perfect type of area rugs.

  • Bath Mate

Bath mates are highly absorbent. They are best for kids’ bathrooms. It has a coarse texture and solid color. Generally, bath mates are cotton made with a rubber back.

  • Bath Rug

Bath rugs are decorative, colorful, and lightweight. They are also best for the outside bathroom door. Put a bath rug inside the bathroom. Never forget to get a rug pad to make it safer and absorbent. Bath rugs add comfort, warmth, and style to your bathroom. 

  • Towelling Mate

They are like a towel. Towel mates are easy to move and handle. They help keep the floor dry instantly. Towel mates come in beautiful solid colors. These mates are safe plus decor items. 

How To Clean A Bathroom Rug

Washing rugs properly is an art. Bathroom rugs get dirty easily and are more prone to mold and stains. They require continuous wash and cleaning. Here are some tips for washing your bathroom rug properly and its drying techniques:

  • Always check rug instructions before washing it.
  • Then set the washing machine according to rug instructions that either needs towel setting or gentle cycles.
  • Use gentle detergents. Also, use fabric softeners to soften the fibers and threads. 
  • Dry according to instructions. If it is safe to machine dry, put in the dryer. If suitable for sun drying, keep it in the sun outside and make sure to dry it on both sides. 
  • Vacuum after drying to soft fibers.


Bathroom rugs are your basic home necessity. It is one of the top safest choices you make for your home. It prevents you from injury on a busy day. Also, they make the bathroom classy and stylish, creating harmony in your home decor. It is a thoughtful investment in your home. It conveys your way of thinking about others with care and love and keeps safety your primary priority. To buy the best rugs for your bathroom and other parts of the house, visit RugKnots. They have every rug style perfect for your abode.

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