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Similar to other fields of law such as business law, which is also called the law of corporations is rife with complexities that even the most experienced professionals in business may not be prepared to handle. The Florida Business Attorney of Law Firm have extensive expertise in dealing with the complex legal issues that affect both large and small businesses across Florida for business owners with varying experiences.

Starting Your Business Off on the Right Foot

When you are starting an Florida company, a variety of elements can affect your business project’s success or fail. Employing a business law attorney is as essential to any business as the hiring of an accountant.

Our experienced business lawyers who are located in Orlando, Jacksonville, or Miami are able to assist you in any aspect of business or corporate law concerns.

Why Should You Hire a Florida Business Attorney?

Securing counsel early on can help avoid future legal issues, which could include but not only litigation.

A lot of small companies be patient until they are sued to retain an attorney. So that by the time the company receives an action, it may be too late, and could be more detrimental to the business financial, reputation or in any other way.

Engaging a business lawyer to guide you right from the beginning can make sure that you establish the right type of business entity. Ensure that all procedures are in the place to prevent lawsuits, secure the personal assets of the owners make contracts, and so on.

Our Florida business law lawyers who are located in Orlando, Jacksonville, and Miami will guide you through the legal and practical obligations of running your own business, and help you get ahead in the world of business and help safeguard you every step of the process.

Obtaining Counsel Now Can Prevent Future Litigation

Litigation could aid you in reaching your legal goal in cases where you aren’t able to afford it. Businesses can steer clear of disputes through the assistance of our lawyers when it comes to crucial contracts and business decisions. If litigation becomes inevitable it is possible to be assured that our lawyers are capable of representing your interests in court with a ferocious determination.

Contact us today for assistance from our business lawyers throughout Florida Business Attorney by calling Law Firm online or calling the firm toll-free at 407-350-5416 to get assistance.

Limit Your Exposure to Risk of Liability by following our advice.

Risk is an essential part of running a business, however any professional knows that certain risks aren’t necessary. Many times, companies are liable for liability when they operate using documents that are not properly drafted. For instance, companies might believe they can cut expenses for starting up through online examples of shareholder or partnership agreements, or signing agreements with vendors, employees and customers using generic agreements. Also, these documents do not meet the specific needs of the business. This type of situation provides an inadequate defense against contracts that are not drafted to protect you from disputes. So yourFlorida business lawyers can help you identify liability weaknesses and loopholes that you may not had the chance to discover.

Why take on unnecessary risk for such a crucial investment in your company or your life’s work?

Contact us today for assistance from our top-quality lawyers in business law located in Florida by contact Law Firm online or contact our number by phone at 407-350-5416 to get assistance.

We can evaluate and reduce your risk in areas like the ones listed below plus more

    • All Contracts
    • Business creation
    • Business dissolution
    • Partnership disputes
    • Acquisitions and mergers
    • Reorganization of the corporate structure
    • Compliance with labor and employment law
    • The compliance with other government regulations
    • Negotiation of commercial leases, renegotiation and the eviction

Business Law and Commercial Transaction Services and Solutions

Corporate law clients of ours receive the entire range of firm’s services, including intellectual property, litigation as well as transactional and international law. Law Firm’s team Florida business attorney offers commercial, transactional. Then, corporate law counsel across a wide range of subjects, including

      • Mergers & Acquisitions
      • Business Entity Formation
      • Outside General Counsel
      • Corporate Financing
      • Contracts & Commercial Agreements
      • Business Transactions
      • Business Planning
      • Employment, Non-Disclosure, & Non-Compete Agreements
      • Corporate Governance & Counseling
      • Franchising & Franchise Agreements

Outside General Counsel Services

As part of our legal offerings offered by Law Firm we offer companies outside General Counsel service plans.

By using this service, businesses of any size can be able to level the playing field with an experienced attorney available. In addition, when you use our service, you’ll have a long-term partnership with an attorney who is familiar with your Florida business attorney from both inside and outside. Let, you won’t have to sift in the pages of yellow or throwing darts at the board using the internet.

No More Searching the Internet for Forms & Documents

How many times have you had to use an application form or a document and then resorted to the convenience of a Google search? So, you may have also purchased software or books for semi-legal documents?

Therefore, many times the forms and documents were created for someone else’s business. Hence, they’re designed for an individual’s deal, the project, and the circumstances.

Poorly written or badly designed business documents cause more issues than they’re worth.

      • Documents written in another country or state and can expose you to risk and leave you vulnerable and unprotected.
      • They’re sloppy and make a negative impression on prospects, clients and employees.
      • Could indicate a lack knowledge and experience, as well as lack of credentials for potential clients.

Your role is to be an expert in your company and not become an attorney. As a result, take sure you protect the things you’ve put so much effort into building.

Benefits of Outside General Counsel Services

As a client of Law Firm as your Outside General Counsel, you’ll have access to the entire legal services we provide which include, but are not only:

      • General Business Consulting
      • Annual Legal Needs Review
      • Draft & Respond to Demand Letters
      • Business Debt Collection
      • Intellectual Property Agreements and Contracts
      • Contract Negotiation and Review
      • Independent Contractor Contracts and Agreements
      • Employee Termination & Release Agreements
      • HR Documentation & Employee Background Checks
      • Trademark & Patent Application and Infringement
      • Create & Review Service Contracts
      • Create & Review Invoice Terms & Conditions
      • Create & Review Website Terms of Use and Privacy Policy
      • Draft Use or Licensing Contracts
      • Employee Manuals & HR Policies
      • Non-disclosure & Confidentiality Agreements

Small and medium-sized enterprises have small budgets and a limited amount of resources. Since, we recognize that it’s impossible for these companies to employ an all-time or even part-time internal counsel.

Likewise, our service offers small and medium-sized companies access to a big law firm. So, with our flat-rate billing, you are able to plan your monthly expenses for legal issues. Prepare for future legal issues and projects. Likewise uou can rest assured knowing that you have experienced legal counsel working to protect your company.

Yet, we will take away the stress and allow you to have peace of mind knowing counsel is only a phone telephone call just a phone call away. The Law Firm’s Outside General Counsel Services let you concentrate in your work. Therefore, you can make the most of your energy, time, and even your image!

International Business Activities

As the world’s leading expert in international law The Law Firm is uniquely equipped to offer international business deals solid legal counsel. For established and new Florida business attorney we have the experience required to assist you in moving forward in a responsible manner with tasks such as:

      • Exporting or importing company products.
      • Employing non-U.S. citizen employees as independent contractors and employees and obtaining the required business visas and papers for immigration.
      • Obtaining U.S. Visas for foreign owners of businesses to acquire or operate an enterprise within the U.S., including family petitions.

Just as one of the few Board Certified Specialists in International Law, our managing attorney, Francis M.has built an impressive reputation for his expertise in helping both domestic and foreign companies to compete on the global stage.

Talk To a Florida Business Lawyer Today

Finally, are you looking to establish a new company or expand your current company? Call Sominar Lozada Law today by visiting our website or by calling 407-350-5416.

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