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Graphic designers have so many options to choose a graphic tablet for their preferences and style of work. They can buy any budget-friendly tablet, a mid-range tablet, or an expensive one like an iPad. Whatever their choice is, if there is no software tool installed on your graphic pen tablet device you won’t be able to complete your designing stuff commitments. Here, in this blog, we are going to list a few free and paid designing software/tools that will help to design nice art & digital drawing creations.

Top 7 Digital Drawing & Designing Apps To Install On Graphic Pen Tablet/ Ipad

Adobe Photoshop

It is the first one always on the list of designing and photo editing software tools that offer free and pro features to explore the creative possibilities and amazing features. All the artists, designers love this tool for its simple interface, pretty cool and accessible. While you are setting up the tablet for upcoming tasks, definitely give it a try to practice for a few days. Adobe illustrator is also a good tool to explore.

Corel Painter

All the Corel designing tools offer amazing features. After Adobe illustrator and Adobe Photoshop, Corel Painter is appreciated by artists and digital printers. This is the perfect tool for traditional and modern design features. The tool is worth the price, reliable, easy to access. You can easily navigate to different color palettes, paint brushes, and other features and accessibility. Design your creations accessing all the features.

Manga Studio 

As the name defines, the perfect tool for designing digital Manga art. If you are passionate about animation, comic characters, art drawing, illustration then instead of installing Photoshop, Manga Studio would be a great tool for your projects. You don’t have to sign in again and again.

 All these 3 options are free and paid but below we are mentioning special free designing software tools for all the beginner artists who want to explore the accessibilities and features to understand the mechanism of designing tools.


It is one of the popular free designing tool software that has an interesting interface look and collection of features according to artists and designers’ needs. It is the favorite tool of professional artists.  They can try different types of filters, brushes.  For any texture, matte, conceptual art, illustrations, 2D animation, it would be a good option. The tool is compatible with all types of OS system-operated devices including Android, Windows, macOS, Linux, ChromeOS. The tool is very handy, easy, and hassle-free will enhance productivity.


GIMP has also been on the list of popular art and designing tools. It offers support and access to all types of image formats jpg, jpeg, png, gif, .pdd, etc. GIMP is also compatible with all the available OS systems and completely accessible as an open-source tool for all the designing accessibility features free of cost.

It is the best image editor tool that gives a professional experience of every aspect of artistic life such as image retouching, image composition, and authoring. In case you don’t want to use Adobe Photoshop, GIMP will do all for you. To make the designing process easier, the to also has a collection of expert designers tips and tricks to explore the insights and hidden features, customization options, plug-ins.


If you are a vector graphics designer, artist, and looking for a tool to satisfy your needs then Inkscape is a great choice for you that has an extensive set of specifications that let you explore the drawing, paint spray, coloring tools. You can quickly design the vector structure designs using the package of Inkscape.. You can find online tutorials to learn about the features. Explore the standard features of this app and practice digital vector graphic drawing.

Set your goal, find inspiration, practice on tools to sharpen your designing skills. Trying hard to get inspiration or a model you can first draw on paper then again try to draw on a graphic pen tablet drawing pad. You can design beautiful logos. Try layers, effects, shapes, colors to enhance your creativity.


Procreate app is specifically designed for iPad users The app has a decent set of artistic features and offers great accessibility. Users can install this app on their device and create beautiful digital graphics, paintings, animations designs using the AI accelerated filters, 4K canvases. The app is powered by Savage Interactive.

You can buy any tablet of your budget to explore the basics. Huion Kamvas is a trending brand for beginner and professional artists. You can choose the latest launched models that are attractive in looks and have powerful features that support the needs of every beginner and professional graphic designer and artist.

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