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Freelancing VS Agencies: Which is Better For Marketing?

Today the role of Digital Marketing is increasing at a very high speed. Almost all the businesses without exceptions or doubts prefer to switch it to their companies’ success strategies. As you might know, Digital Marketing has many branches. Each will lead you to approved results. But at this point, we are about to discuss Content Marketing. Our purpose is to reveal which is better for it: Freelancing VS Agencies.

What is Content Marketing?

So, it is one of the most beneficial branches of Digital Marketing. Due to Content Marketing, you can increase your brand awareness, boost your sales, move your business to the next level.

It includes content planning and setting strategies. Due to the Market Research, you will be informed about the challenges and the main topics that your customers will most likely search. After that, you should find appropriate keywords, required content structures, do thorough research.

Besides the written content, your business will highly benefit from Video Marketing. As all we know, videos and other types of media files are more impressive. And all the people regardless of their educational level and interests will understand images and videos better than the written content. So, in order to engage more visitors and turn them into qualified leads, you can actively utilize video content as well as media.

And if you are not a professional content marketing specialist or do not have enough time to plan content strategies then it is time to trust either a freelancer or agency. In the further paragraphs, we are about to spot the main differences between these two.



If you want to trust a freelancer to complete your marketing activities then you should find a good specialist among the ones registered in the Freelancing sites. This is to make sure that your work will be done at all 100% and with a big responsibility. Usually, hiring a professional freelancer is not an easy process. And you need to be more considerable to avoid scammers, irresponsible candidates. Instead, you should find someone who is very skillful and with a trustworthy working background.

In the majority of cases, you can offer a contract to a freelancer and make payments based on the projects.

Yet, in some cases, only one specialist can not complete all the projects without any help. For example, if you hire a content writer then you need to hire an SEO specialist or graphic designer, as well to get professional results. So, on this condition, you will deal with more than one employee.



Agencies provide comprehensive service packages to complete your Content Marketing strategies. While making a contract and during the whole cooperation you contact one person. Maybe he/she is the CEO, COO, or Sales Manager. Anyways, many specialists will work on your project to fulfill it at all 100%. Besides, agencies teach employees thoroughly, organize training for them. So, you will not be required to spend money on their education.

There are many agencies. And one of them is WPGlob Marketing Agency. There are SEO specialists, content writers, web and graphic designers, editors, scriptwriters, video bloggers, and other specialists who will complete the projects with high responsibility at an affordable price.

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