Hand Embroidery vs. Machine Embroidery, Which is Best?

You can choose between hand embroidery or machine embroidery, but what is the difference between the two methods? Here’s what makes hand and machine embroidery so unique and why you might choose one over the other. 

Both types of embroidery involve decorating fabrics—and sometimes other surfaces—with thread to form designs as simple as initials or initials and as complex as wall tapestries or fully embroidered pieces. They all use hoops, needles, and thread, but the process of embroidery digitization and results are very different, even if they are similar.

Hand Embroidery and Its Component 

One characteristic of hand embroidery is that it is a slow process as you work stitch by stitch. Sometimes this is seen as a nuisance, but it can also be comforting. Because this method is time-consuming, hand-embroidered work is often considered to be of greater value or heirloom quality. When you embroider, you can choose different colours and stitches and make adjustments along the way, giving you more flexibility as you work. 

Getting Started 

Getting started with hand embroidery may seem a bit complicated at first, but it’s actually quite easy and inexpensive to try. These materials are very simple and easy to find. All you need to learn are the basics. Even children can use this method, and the results are done by themselves. 

Thread Types Used in Hand Embroidery 

You can use a variety of threads for hand embroidery, including the most common silk, wool, and cotton threads. Some hand embroidery floss comes in strands that you can separate to vary the thickness of the stitches, and you can use different gauges and even types of thread throughout your project. 

Stitch Types

Hand embroidery offers many different stitches at your disposal, each giving your creations a unique look and feel. For example, there are many ways to sew thread, fill an area, create flowers, and more. It’s a very creative way. 


Hand Embroidery Patterns are available in a variety of styles. Some of them are iron-on embossing papers that you print on fabric. Others are printed in books or as digital files, which you can then track and send using various methods. There are many free templates available, and the rest are usually inexpensive.

Machine Embroidery


Machine embroidery is a faster process; usually, once you start, the machine does the work for you. It’s great if you like to make things, but your hands or eyes make hand embroidery difficult. The finished embroidery product will looks more commercial and less handmade. 

If you do several projects with the same design, the embroidery is usually the same. Most machine embroidery designs are pre-programmed, so you won’t be able to customize the look.

Getting Started 

In addition to a traditional embroidery machine, you can also use a standard sewing machine to do hand embroidery at a lower feed rate. Free exercise machine. This technique is very similar to hand embroidery on a machine and is sometimes called “drawing” with a sewing machine. 

Sewing machines, especially embroidery machines, are financial investments. The cost of purchasing machinery, models, and equipment means that you are getting into this new craft. Learning machine embroidery requires familiarity with how machines work and working with different materials, but you don’t need to learn sewing techniques unless you’re hand embroidery, which takes some practice. 

Thread Type 

Unlike braided embroidery thread that can come off, machine embroidery thread is on a spool, and you can use it as is. Instead of using a different thread count, the threads have different weights, so you can get the look you want. You can also choose polyester, cotton, rayon, or silk for embroidery. 

Type Of Stitches

The embroidery machine can create different stitch patterns and supports hand embroidery stitches. Satin stitches, long and short stitches, back stitches, and chain stitches are the most common. 


The embroidery machine designs are provided as digital files that you can load into the machine. Each brand of embroidery machine has a different file format, so it’s important to use the correct one. It usually tells you the number of stitches in the design, which allows you to estimate how long it will take to sew based on your machine speed. Depending on the size and complexity of the design, template files can cost anywhere from free to a few dollars, and collectables can cost up to $50. The embroidery machine also has designs that you can use to combine embroidery, embroidery, lace, and DIY sewing projects, called “in the loop.” 

Flawless Design: 

When garments are handmade, there is a greater chance of imperfections in the garment, such as peeling surfaces or discolouration. No matter how talented the artist is, it is possible for him to make small mistakes. When perfection is sought, such mistakes are not allowed. In our embroidery digitization service, we supply the machine with the design given to us by the customer. The device has a high-quality professional program for reading images. With the help of advanced algorithms, they produce perfect output. So there will be no color changes or thread tearing designs.

Easy operation of machine embroidery: 

The process of hand embroidery is a long and difficult process. The artist first traces the design onto the canvas by hand. Then use carbon paper to draw the same pattern on the number of clothes in order.

Designs may vary when drawn on different pieces as there is more room for human error. If the design is required in the future, the same busy process is repeated and also, image to vector conversion is very easy. But in machine embroidery, specialized digitizers digitize designs using complex digital embroidery software. Since this process uses machinery, there is little chance of change. The design can also be saved in a scan format and used for an unlimited number of parts.

Which is better? 

No one embroidery method is better than another, so choose the method you like to use, or learn both techniques and do it by hand and machine.

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