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Here Are The Top 7 PDF Combiner Tools To Use In 2022

PDFs (Portable Document Format) have become standard in our lives.

There is no document-based work that does not make use of the PDF format.

There is always a method to solve an issue.

PDF files can be difficult to manage at times, particularly when working with a large number of individual PDF files.

It may be challenging to share such widely dispersed files.

You may be compiling a bunch of reports and or data and need to present them to someone.

It would be desirable if all of the many files or reports on the same data were combined into a single file.

Fortunately, advanced technologies are now available to help us make our tasks easier and more efficient.

7 Best Easy To Use PDF Combiner Tools For File Management in 2022

Every tool has benefits and drawbacks, and it may be hard for some people to select between them, particularly when there are so many choices available online that do so many jobs.

Some may be premium tools with free trials, whereas others are entirely free.

Some may have common functions, while others may have extremely unique features and do even more with the files.

So, to make life simpler for you, we have put up a list.


ILovePDF is a basic online PDF utility tool that we have ranked top.

Because it can compress, unlock, convert, merge, split, and even watermark PDF files, this online application is extremely versatile.

This online service allows users to retrieve their data directly from cloud storage, which is beneficial if all of your files are kept in the cloud.


  • Up to 25 PDF files totaling 100MB are available for free.
  • Use the drag and drop functionality to rearrange.
  • There are also more PDF tools offered.
  • DropBox and Google Drive may be easily accessed.


  • Advertisements are included in the free version.

The is an excellent PDF tool since it combines all of the files you provide into a single document with ease and in no time.


You may be required to produce several PDF documents of the same kind or category at times.

This may be a concern, especially if you are handing it to someone who would struggle to manage and preserve that many document files.

The ideal solution would be to give a method for integrating all of the PDF files into a single file.

The PDF Combiner Tools does exactly that, allowing you to easily merge PDF documents into a single document.

The procedure is simple, which implies that anyone may use it.

It also preserves your data and protects your privacy.


  • File Quality Maintained
  • Free To Use
  • Online Only
  • User-Friendly UI Design
  • File Safety And Protection
  • Multi-Device Compatibility


  • Online Only

Soda PDF

Soda PDF is the second-best PDF utility on our list, and it is available both online and as downloaded software.

There are several functionalities accessible both online and offline tools.

You may view your files online or offline on any platform.

Begin on any of your devices, save to Dropbox, Google Drive, SharePoint, or Evernote, and then you are done.

Soda PDF’s cloud storage connection provides users with instant access to all of their files, which is especially beneficial if they operate on many devices or remotely.


  • Both Online And Offline Platforms Available
  • Cloud Storage Access
  • Multi-Purpose PDF tool


  • No PDF Encryption Option
  • Free Version Has No Page Reordering is a well-known online PDF merging service.

It is a simple online tool that allows you to merge many files but also re-arrange and organize your PDFs.

Merge pdf has a nice and simple user interface, and “drag and drop” is one of the simplest ways to get started.

It is a convenient and secure PDF tool that keeps your PDF data private by not keeping it within its servers.

Similarly, the Mergepdf tool produces the greatest results without losing any file quality at all.

It can be accessed from any laptop or mobile device with an internet connection.

Even if you accidentally quit your search engine, the final altered version of your file is still available, which is wonderful since you will not have to rerun the entire procedure.


  • Available Online
  • 0 Cost
  • Quality Retention
  • Simple And Easy UI Design
  • Secure And Protected
  • Multiple Device Compatibility


  • Only Online Availability

Small PDF

Do not underestimate this tool by its name!

If you need a combined PDF but you have data in other different PDF documents!?

Do you require a certain format or need a file converted or even compressed!?

Is everything turning into a mess?

With SmallPDF online tool files can be combined and split, and unnecessary pages can be eliminated with ease.

Smallpdf has almost everything that you may need for your PDF files.

This PDF tool enables you to merge, split, compress, and rotate PDF files with a few mouse clicks.

PDF files may also be converted fast and easily.

There is no need to move between programs or software anymore!

Save time by storing, organizing, and sharing files across devices directly from their website.

SmallPDF offers a 7-day PRO trial after which you may pay for the complete version yearly or monthly, however, given its smooth features, it is not a bad investment.


  • Simple User Interface
  • Online Accessibility
  • Direct Access Dropbox And Google Drive
  • Documents Conversion Tools Integrated


  • Uploads May Get Slow
  • No Option To Arrange Single PDF files
  • Advertisements
  • File Deletion Only After 1 Hour  =-=-=-=-=-=-=-
  •  Adobe Acrobat

When combining PDF files with the Acrobat online tool, you may reorganize, add, or delete files before merging them into a single PDF.

You will need to sign in if you want to reorder individual pages in your combined PDF.

You may change the order of your PDF pages by adding, removing, moving, or rotating them as necessary.

When you are finished, share your merged file with others so they can readily examine and comment on it.

The file is viewable in any online browser, including Google Chrome, on any operating system, including Mac, Windows, and Linux.

The Acrobat Merge PDFs tool allows you to connect up to 1,500 pages of PDFs.

You may merge up to 100 files, with each file limited to 500 pages.

If you often work with scanned pictures and PDFs, you all need to combine two or more files at some point.

There are various ways to combine two PDF files into a single file.

You could install desktop software and pay for a premium version, or you could just use 2 PDFs, a free online service.

With 2PDF, you can convert, OCR, merge, divide, password lock, unlock, and rotate PDFs.

After you have uploaded your first file, you may mix in any more files you desire.

You have total control over the sorting and shuffling of the files.

When everything is in place, click the red button to merge the PDFs.

It simply takes a few seconds, after which you may download the merged file.


  • No User Data Retention
  • “Page Mode” Feature Makes Reordering And Deletion Easy
  • 256-bit Encryption Algorithm
  • User Interface Has Simple Design


  • Upload May Lag
  • Only One Trial Every Hour
  • Only Available Online

Why prefer online tools over offline software!?

Online tools like these PDF Utility tools are very useful because they provide an “All in one solution,” which says that all you have to do is select and upload your PDF files to the site, then select the choice that the tool provides you, then wait for the process to finish, and you will have your files fixed in no time.

This not only saves you time but also helps you to work smarter rather than harder, unlike offline software, which requires you to choose from all of the alternatives before waiting for it to download.

Your device may periodically have a malfunction, causing the software to hang.

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