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House cleaning services in New York: How to properly clean your shower windows?

Choose natural cleaning to clean your shower windows.

Indeed, the shower is used every day and must be clean each time used for good hygiene and a healthy environment. For this, house cleaning services in New York give you tips and tricks to clean your shower windows effectively and without leaving traces. In addition, the shower is an everyday item that gets dirty very quickly. Lime scale and soap scum are deposited with each use. There are many tips for properly cleaning your shower screens; we list the most effective of them in this article.


White vinegar

White vinegar is a natural product that has long proven itself in cleaning. In the bathroom, it is very effective in overcoming lime stains. Used alone, it must be heated for a few seconds in the microwave, for example, to reinforce its action. You can then moisten your shower wall with a sponge and let it act for about thirty minutes. Finally, the wall must be rubbed with a new sponge to remove all deposits when rinsing.

White vinegar can also be combined with salt diluted in clear water. You must then impregnate cloth with this mixture to clean your shower windows properly.


Black soap

To properly maintain a shower cubicle, do not neglect the seals. These darken over time with humidity and limestone. Black soap, with cleaning and stain-removing properties, is very effective in restoring its original whiteness to bathroom joints. To achieve this result, impregnate a toothbrush with pure black soap and brush the joints until you obtain the desired effect.


The lemon

Lemon is also a very effective cleaning product for cleaning shower walls. Moreover, it does not require other ingredients or additional equipment to prove its effectiveness. You just have to cut it in half and rub it like a sponge on the traces of limestone. Rinsing can be done immediately after cleaning with clean water.


To properly clean shower walls and windows while preserving the health of their material, care must be taken to avoid certain products. Abrasive household products, for example, can cause scratches, oily soaps, or even household products made of hydrofluoric acid can deteriorate certain materials used to create shower walls, such as ceramics. This is why we actively recommend using natural products, which prove to be just as effective as household products, but which, unlike the latter, respect the material and preserve the quality of your walls.


Thoroughly cleaning your shower windows is possible, but so is anticipating deposits and traces of lime scale. We recommend that you remove the water from the walls after each shower using a squeegee. Your windows will stay clean longer.


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