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How Did Bagasse Packaging Products Become the Best? Find Out.

The Fineline 42SB16 Conserveware is made from sugarcane pulp molded fiber and is the perfect size for 32 oz. of food. Its BPI certification makes it a sustainable alternative to conventional tableware, while still being aesthetically pleasing. The rPET lid fits the bowl with ease and ensures a tight seal. Whether you’re serving up soup or salad, a bagasse bowl will be the perfect complement.

The insulating properties of this product are an excellent choice for cold and hot foods alike. Its compostable design is another plus. These bowls can be used over again. Fast-food chains are also a perfect match for Bagasse.

  • properties of the Bagasse Square Bowl

The insulating properties of the Bagasse Square Bowl make it a perfect food container for any restaurant. bagasse square bowlIts capacity is up to 84 oz. and is suitable for both hot and cold foods. The bowls come in various sizes and shapes, making it easy to find the one that is perfect for your needs. If you want to serve your customers with delicious and healthy dishes, they will love the new look of your establishment!

The streamlined design of the Bagasse Square Bowl is perfect for foodservice companies. In addition, the biodegradable tableware is easy to use in restaurants. The pieces are easily stackable and can contain soup, stew, and steak. They come in a variety of colors and can even be decorated with the logo of a favorite sports team. And, because they are compostable, they save landfill space and reduce transportation costs.

12 Inch Bagasse Plate

A 12 Inch Bagasse Plate is an excellent choice for catering and outdoor events. Made from 100% recyclable sugarcane fiber, bagasse plates are sturdy, stackable, and are safe for a wide variety of food. Also known as a “bagasse bowl”, these dishes are a great choice for full-course lunches. This type of plate is also ideal for large-scale, multi-course events.

  • Advantages of bagasse

One of the biggest advantages of bagasse is that they’re completely compostable. This allows customers to put them in the compost, and they’re also microwave and freezer safe. There’s no need to worry about contaminating your food, as they are 100% natural.

Moreover, you’ll be able to use them for any occasion. These disposable bags are perfect for picnics, parties, and outdoor events. They are also great for camping. These disposable bags are a good option for food storage. They’re made of durable material. They also prevent stains and are easy to clean. This means that you’ll save money as well.

This 12-inch bagasse plate is a great way to make your meals delicious. You can even store it in a compost bin. As long as you’re not keeping it in a wet environment, you can compost it. This way, you’ll be saving landfill space. If you’re using it for cooking, the plates will break down in just 90 days.

Clam Shell Box

A Vegware® Bagasse Clam Shell Box is compostable, reusable and recyclable. Made from recycled sugar cane fibre, it has excellent thermal properties and is the ideal choice for takeout or delivery. As a bonus, bagasse traps less carbon than plastic. The box will keep your food warm and crispy for hours, so it’s an excellent choice for fast food takeout. And, unlike plastic, it doesn’t trap condensation like some other types of packaging.

These eco-friendly, biodegradable bags are made from sugarcane, a renewable resource that is 100% biodegradable. These boxes are dishwasher safe and microwave-safe. They are a great choice for storing and preparing savory treats. The bagasse-based containers are also light weight, dishwasher-safe, and freezer-safe. In addition to being a great alternative to conventional plastic, bagasse containers are biodegradable, recyclable, and completely safe.


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