How Do Tablet Manufacturers Produce Tablets?

Tablets are a common form of oral medication that doctors prescribe. They are prescribe for ailments ranging from common flu to chronic illnesses like cancer. On average, millions of pills are manufacture in manufacturing units in India. There are numerous tablet manufacturers to contribute to the pharmaceutical industry. Tablets can be of any shape, but for swallowing, they are discs or oval-shaped. They vary in size based on their dosage. The tablets have to be compressed hard to disintegrate before consumption and are also soft enough to dissolve in the stomach. The tablet manufacturers in India are the third-largest producers in the world. The manufacturing process is undertake with utmost care and efficiency. The Process of Making a Pill

    • The active ingredients that are the essence of the drug are measure and add to the mix.
  • Bulking Agent

Then a bulking agent is add. Bulking agents are add to give volume to the mixture. They are suppose to be inert and must possess good compression properties. Generally, Calcium salts are use as bulking agents.

  • Disintegrants

Disintegrants are materials add to the tablet mix to disintegrate in the mouth or the gastro tract. They are design such that the tablet starts to dissolve when it comes in contact with moisture.

  • Binders

These combine the ingredients and help in compressing them.

  • Lubricants

This is add to ensure that the tablets decrease the effects of the disintegrants to keep the tablet shape balance.

  • All ingredients mention above are mix and then compressed under a machine in the desire shape.
  • They are further coat with a film to protect them from external variables.
  • These are then package neatly and despatch.

Types of Tablets There are various types of tablets manufacture in India. Compressed tablets– These are your regular tablets. They come in coated or non-coated variants. They are design for rapid disintegration. Sugar-coated Tablets– These are compressed tablets coated with sugar to enhance the appeal of the tablets. Film-Coated Tablets– Film-coated tablets are coated with a thin layer of substances that form a protective layer to not disintegrate in the mouth. Effervescent Tablets are uncoated tablets that are supposed to dissolve instantly in water. They generally contain organic acids and release CO2, which disintegrates. Chewable Tablets- Usually, antacids come in this form since their dosages are high to neutralize the acid in the stomach. These tablets are also for children and adults who have difficulty swallowing. They are not coat, but sugar is granulate and bound to make their taste tolerable. These are some of the common types of tablets manufacturers produce. Tablets can be of any shape, yet for gulping, they are plates or oval-molded. They differ in size in view of their dose. Conclusion Tablets are the most common method of medication in children and adults alike. The processing method is also more straightforward than other medications, and the transporting and storing is also quite simple, hence making it more feasible. Tablet manufacturers in India contribute a lot to our economy. Due to its more straightforward process is also the most affordable and profitable form of medication for both the manufacturer and the patient.

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