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How does Brexit Affect International Students in UK?

In June 2016, the UK voted in favor of leaving or abandoning the membership of the European Union. In January 2020, the process of leaving the European Union was finalized and the UK had officially not declared not a member of the European Union. Leaving European Union may have brought about various benefits for the UK; however, it has caused a number of hallmarks due to the lack of free movement of people. Brexit caused restricted movement of people between member countries and affected the international students flow in the UK as well.

High cost of Studying for International Students

Brexit has caused the high cost of studying in the UK by changing the ability of students to secure loans. Get a new visa, and high uncertainty due to lack of ability to stay or work in the country. Due to the high cost of studying in the UK, It is more likely to face a decline in the number of prospective students in the country. Studying in the UK is already quite expensive if you fail to secure a student loan. On top of that, many students, who are bound to work full and part-time, have no time to write their assignments themselves and end up hiring an expert assignment writing service. In such a scenario, Brexit discourages international students from studying in the UK.

Unwelcome Attitude for International Students

As a result of Brexit, not only the cost of the study had increased. International students also witnessed an unwelcome attitude. Due to the limited migration which made them feel that they are no longer welcome in the country. Therefore, it is more likely to discourage them to come and study in the UK. Such international students will avoid getting visas to study in the UK and will eventually reduce immigration to the UK. It sends a very negative message to the international students and limits the cultural diversity in the country. Hence, the opportunity to learn new and creative thinking due to the lack of diverse students from different cultural backgrounds.

Unfriendly Immigration Policies for International Students

Due to Brexit, the immigration policies for the students will no longer be friends. It will have a significant impact on international students. Lack of friendly student immigration policies means that applying for visas for the UK will be worrisome for international students, as it will require additional time and unnecessary delay. It will affect the manner in which international students make the selection of the international college or university to study. In such a circumstance, the schooling service of the UK should go to proper lengths to guarantee that the change in movement strategies makes the least impact on worldwide understudies after the Brexit.


Considering the immense effect of Brexit on international students and the high cost and unfriendly immigration policies, it is more likely to consider alternative options for the study. Such as, rather than applying for a student or work visa, you should go for a resident visa so that you can study in the UK and Brexit will not affect that.

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