How Making Music Makes Money with Affordable Production

Music and money can come to you together.

If you make music in a way that cares for your wallet, then both of them would compliment you for your good deed.

But, listen to this…don’t ever think of leaving a career in music just because you don’t have money.

CiC (Creative Industries Council UK TO THE WORLD) can help you justify this above-mentioned statement:

“UK music consumption was up for a sixth consecutive year in 2020, with 155m albums or their equivalent either streamed or purchased in the UK – an 8.2 per cent rise on 2019, with growth led by streaming fuelled by label investment.”

Now, it is time for you to understand the basics of music production because you are going to do it this year.

And no one/ nothing can stop you….not even money.

Artists and music producers in the UK are talented. UK music stands out from the music of the rest of the world because of the element of humanism and extreme artistry.

But many of them simply miss out on doing so because of poor financial conditions or a lack of will.

Well, that can be fixed.

If you read this blog till the last, you will get to know what you might need in order to save money while producing music.

  • How Music Production Can Be Made Affordable

The lack of usable money or having no money at all can be troublesome for a project like music production.

You can look for loans.

And if you borrow money from Ireland lenders online, then you have to be careful in using the amount.

With careful approaches and knowledge of the music industry and the costs involved, you can produce music at an affordable rate.


…you must understand music in its core form.

Learning music from a professional trainer or instrumentalist or getting a very strong base in performance can ultimately get you to clarity, using which you can make yourself organised with music production.

Doing so can certainly save money.

What are those organised steps are we looking at then?

Well, read the points below:

  • Learn Music at First
  • Recording at Home Will Do Just Fine
  • Use Used Instruments
  • Go Solo If You Can
  • Talk to Your Sound Designer and Engineer Beforehand

It is time we jump into each of these points and know some more about them.

1. Learn Music at First

Music producers and engineers feel frustrated to work with novices.

You need to be an expert in music. You must be clear about the kind of music you want to make or produce and then learn it from scratch.

Is it rapping or country songs or classical songs you like? Or do you want to go fully instrumental or digital?

Choose your genre at first.

Then comes the learning part!

In your music career, learning might take a few years of practice as you have got other things to do in life.

For example, if you want to be a bass guitarist, then buying the gear and taking regular classes and all that practice will take a considerable time to get you ready for production.

If you don’t invest enough time in the learning phase, then it is likely that you will face messing up in the recording or production phase.

So, take care of your learning at first.

Check for online courses from Udemy. These platforms offer courses in music (and music production as well) at an affordable cost. You can also choose your flexible time for learning.

If you still want to go to a music school, then look for nearby institutions where you can be awarded a certificate. Talk to your trainer to make the course fees as affordable as possible by making alterations.

2. Recording at Home Will Do Just Fine

Home recording has been an underrated task by many.

The sad thing is music enthusiasts are themselves responsible for it.

Just like borrowing money from lenders and asking for money from friends or family have different aspects, recording in a studio and recording at home have distinct qualities.

And we should not compare.

Here are some simple steps to record your song at home and save some money:

Buy some recording equipment and gear at first. You need a laptop or a desktop computer, which you probably already have. A two-channel interface is required with preamps. You need your instruments, which are entirely dependent on you. You definitely need a diaphragm condenser mic, and make sure you are buying a large one.

Now, you must soundproof your room, which can be done with special walls that you can purchase online. Or you can invest in applications for noise cancellation, which tracks and nullifies unwanted sounds like the ‘whoosh’ of a truck by your home at the time you have been recording.

You can choose the nighttimes if you live in an area that is noisy.

If you are low on money, you can rent can room instead of a studio. You are renting it for some hours. It is still affordable.

There are ways to record at home. Think about them and use them wisely.

3. Use Used Instruments

Sure buying new instruments can get you better sounds.

But using that new instrument will become old after a few years.

And you are not going to replace it, now are you?

So, why not use a used instrument and make it yours?

You can still get a decent sound with these instruments.

Did you know that a new instrument might not give you the sound that you have been looking for?

So, it is time to buy a used instrument. Ask for it from your friends and family. Look for a good deal on websites like eBay.

4. Go Solo If You Can

The thing is many of the music stars in today’s world compose and produce music alone.

Do you know that these famous celebrities often produce music at home without the need for a team?

You can produce music with software. Everything from the background music and the drums can be taken care of by such an application.

Want an app for music and sound production? The best is Microsoft FL Studio. There are also other players in the market. You may search for them to find out more about them.

Involving a team definitely makes good results. But, it is also true that it can be a costly deal.

Instead, try making music with an app and just add your voice.

5. Talk to Your Sound Designer and Engineer Beforehand

 Don’t you talk to a number of lenders when taking out a car loan in Ireland online?

Yes, you do.

You do it because you want to get the most affordable deal.

And that is right. Everybody wants that.

You need to research the engineer you might be recruiting. You need to talk to a few of them, compare their charges and choose the one that comes at an affordable rate.

Also, make sure that you have checked their reviews and considered their work to find out the type of sound output and its quality.

  • To Conclude

Finding the best music production route can be the reason you save money and get the popularity you want.

Staying consistent throughout the process matters a lot.

So, whatever you do, stay focused and don’t lose your ground.

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