How powerful is the Nikon Z9 flagship camera? Why do you have to grab it for an increase of 15,000?

The Nikon Z9 has been on sale for some time. As the current absolute flagship camera status of the Nikon Z series, it has a very powerful performance advantage, whether it is pixel, image quality, focus, video or comprehensive experiential performance. Floors. The official price of the Nikon Z9 is 35,999 yuan, and the current price in the market is close to 50,000 yuan. Even under the trend of crazy price increases in the market, the Nikon Z9 is still hard to find. Today, we will introduce the Nikon Z9, the flagship full-frame mirrorless camera.

How powerful is the Nikon Z9 flagship camera? Why can't you buy it at a price increase?

Nikon Z9 flagship mirrorless camera

The positioning of the Nikon Z9 is very clear this time. For users such as commercial photographers, fashion people, sports and news reporters, wildlife photographers, video creators and high-end enthusiasts, purchasing the Nikon Z9 can fully meet everyone’s needs. .

Let’s talk about the focus upgrade

This time, the focus upgrade of the Nikon Z9 is very obvious. It not only continues to upgrade in terms of focusing speed and accuracy, but also the focus has been increased from 81 points to 405 points. Now the number of AF area focusing points is 5 times that of the Nikon Z7  II. With this feature, using the Nikon Z9 to focus on small objects will have a better experience and be more accurate. Show now with AO discount code and AO discount code NHS , AO NHS discount, AO promo code NHS, Ao coupon code 10 Off, AO NHS discount code at AO Voucher Code NHS

In the focus recognition part, the Nikon Z9 has been upgraded to a large extent. This time, in addition to continuing to improve the recognition and tracking capabilities of eye focus, it can now more accurately identify people, cats, dogs and other animals, as well as the eyes, heads, faces, upper bodies and silhouettes of birds, becoming a Nikon brand The first camera with bird’s eye detection focusing.

How powerful is the Nikon Z9 flagship camera? Why can't you buy it at a price increase?
The Nikon Z9 detects significantly more objects

The detection object of the Nikon Z9 has also been significantly improved. In addition to recognizing the eyes, faces, and bodies of people and animals, it can also detect vehicles such as cars, trains, airplanes, bicycles, and motorcycles. The Nikon Z9 can directly detect and focus on 9 objects at the same time, both in video and photo modes, which makes our focus and switching easier.

Nikon Z9’s Aircraft Recognition Focus

Vehicle Recognition Focus on Nikon Z9

The Nikon Z9 adds the ability to focus on 3D tracking, which is also the first time Nikon has applied this focus technology to a mirrorless camera. 3D tracking focus is very similar to “missile lock tracking”, that is, after we focus on the subject, the camera can lock the tracking focus regardless of the irregular movement of the subject. This focusing technology is more beneficial for us to shoot wild animals or sports, such as football games, basketball games, lions chasing antelopes and so on.

For shooting in low-light environments, the Nikon Z9 supports -4EV low-light focus, which is the same level as the Nikon D6 flagship SLR camera. With this ability to focus, when we are shooting news, sports, wildlife or video, we can more easily let the camera do the focusing work by itself.

The core 45-megapixel new sensor

The Nikon Z9 is a flagship camera, so it has the characteristics of high image quality, high speed and high sense. This time, the Nikon Z9 uses a 45-megapixel stacked full-frame CMOS sensor with a brand-new EXPEED 7 processor. Therefore, through them, the advantages of high picture quality and high sense are reflected.

How powerful is the Nikon Z9 flagship camera? Why can't you buy it at a price increase?

Real shots of the Nikon Z9

With 45 million pixels, the Nikon Z9 has very good resolution. No matter what kind of photos are taken, the picture can show rich and clear details. Including video, the picture quality level of the picture perfectly explains what a flagship camera is.

How powerful is the Nikon Z9 flagship camera? Why can't you buy it at a price increase?

 ISO 5600 real shot sample, red is the screenshot area

How powerful is the Nikon Z9 flagship camera? Why can't you buy it at a price increase?
Enlarge the screenshot area

In addition, the Nikon Z9 is a flagship camera, and its high-sensitivity noise control capability is naturally excellent. Although it has 45 megapixels, it is known that the lower the pixel, the easier it is to have excellent noise control, the Nikon Z9 still has a very good performance at ISO 6400, and in our tests, the picture at ISO 8000 is still usable. When the ISO is raised to 12800, the picture begins to have obvious noise increase, but there are not many shooting environments that can use such an ISO.

Cancel the mechanical shutter, 1/32000 second shutter and 120fps continuous shooting speed

The Nikon Z9 has a very big feature. It is the first full-frame camera of Nikon to cancel the mechanical shutter design, so it will be very quiet when we shoot, and there is no concept of shutter life. In addition, the electronic shutter design maximizes the scan rate and ensures minimal rolling shutter distortion. In short, it reduces the jelly shutter effect during high-speed continuous shooting. ave with Currys discount code, Currys NHS discount code and Currys promo code NHS, Currys nhs voucher code, Currys NHS discount, Currys Coupon code 10 Off and Currys discount code NHS

The Nikon Z9 uses an electronic shutter, so it can achieve a shutter speed of up to 1/32,000 seconds. In the past, the upper limit of the speed of the mechanical shutter was 1/8,000 seconds. With a faster shutter speed, we can more easily shoot with large aperture lenses during the day, such as F1.2 or even F0.95 aperture lenses. In the past, these aperture values ​​needed to be experienced in a relatively dim environment.

How powerful is the Nikon Z9 flagship camera? Why can't you buy it at a price increase?
Nikon Z9 burst photos into GIF images

In terms of continuous shooting, the Nikon Z9 also has a very terrifying strength. Under RAW/JPG (L), the Nikon Z9 can perform high-speed continuous shooting at 20fps, and can continue to shoot for 50 seconds, with a continuous shooting life of more than 1,000 shots. This way we can take a complete set of photos.

How powerful is the Nikon Z9 flagship camera? Why can't you buy it at a price increase?
Nikon Z9 supports high-speed continuous shooting up to 120fps

In the full size of 45 million pixels, the Nikon Z9 can achieve 30fps continuous shooting; in the 11 million pixel mode, the Nikon Z9 can achieve 120fps continuous shooting. The Nikon Z9 officially has such a terrifying continuous shooting capability because it adopts the new EXPEED 7 image processor.  Save with Amazon Voucher Code NHS , Amazon NHS Discount  Amazon Discount Code UK , Amazon coupon code 10 OffAmazon Discount Code and Amazon NHS Promo Code , Amazon Discount Code NHS and Amazon Discount Code

2+ hours of continuous 8K 30p video shooting

Among Nikon’s mirrorless cameras, the video capability of the Nikon Z9 is currently the highest. The Nikon Z9 is Nikon’s first full-frame camera that supports 8K video recording. It can record up to 125 minutes of 8K 30P video or 4K 60P video at room temperature, so it has obvious competitiveness.

How powerful is the Nikon Z9 flagship camera? Why can't you buy it at a price increase?

Video options for the Nikon Z9

The Nikon Z9 can record 8K time-lapse video in the camera, and supports internal recording of 4:2:2 10bit and N-Log. The Nikon Z9 can also record 4K 120P slow-motion video, and the 4K 120P standard video supports H.265 (HEVC) or ProRes 422 HQ encoding.

Due to the large size of the body of the Nikon Z9, it has a very prominent performance in terms of heat dissipation. With this feature, when we record high-resolution video with the Nikon Z9, the recording will not be interrupted due to heat problems. In addition, the focus and anti-shake of the Nikon Z9 have been greatly upgraded, so we can get a better picture when shooting video.

How powerful is the Nikon Z9 flagship camera? Why can't you buy it at a price increase?
Nikon Z9

The Nikon Z9 is not just the advantages we introduced. Due to the limited space, there are many detailed designs and advantages that we have not listed. For example, the body protection of the Nikon Z9, the multiple protection measures of the Nikon Z9 for the sensor, the efficient RAW format brought by the Nikon Z9 this time, the latitude performance of the Nikon Z9, etc. These are also the reflections of the competitiveness of the Nikon Z9.

However, the current status of the Nikon Z9 is that even if the price is increased, it is difficult to find a machine. The reason is very simple. The global chip shortage and the impact of the epidemic make it impossible to produce at full capacity. So if you want to buy the Nikon Z9, wait a little longer.

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