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How to Apply for Sri Lanka Visa

A citizen of any foreign country who wants to visit Sri Lanka must first obtain the Sri Lanka visa US, which is placed in the passenger’s passport. You consider the Sri Lanka visa for Americans as a traveling document issued by the traveler’s country. Due to the Sri Lanka traveling restrictions, certain international travelers are eligible to travel to Sri Lanka. But a few of the countries are restricted from entering without a visa. 

Explanation About the Visa:

At present, the embassy of the United States to Sri Lanka & Maldives is gradually resuming the services of immigrant and nonimmigrant visas. Visas for Sri Lanka for US citizens are of three types, and they are 

  •  Business visa
  •  Visa for transit
  • Tourism visa

The process of applying for the Sri Lanka visa US is very convenient, and it can be done by filling out the visa form before departure. Once you are done with visa requirements and payment, you will receive an automatically generated email. 

This email will notify you if you are eligible or not to travel to Sri Lanka. If they grant you a visa application, you can get the Sri Lanka visa US within a few days. If a person is in a rush because he wants to visit Sri Lanka soon. Then, he should have to select the urgent visa delivery. The urgent application can take 23 minutes to apply for the visa. Your visa application might be canceled because of the Sri Lanka travel restrictions. 

Types for the Sri Lanka Visa US?

Below are some of the types of Sri Lanka visa for us citizens. We are also going to mention the details of the citizens of us who can apply for each method.

Applying for a Sri Lanka Visa on Arrival:

Visa on arrival is granted if the passengers travel to Sri Lanka might be tourism or business. Those who have applied for the Sri Lanka visa US before the trip can gain expedited entry to the country on arrival. The Sri Lanka visa us citizen applicants don’t need to wait in a queue for long hours because of the visa on arrival.

Can US citizens travel to Sri Lanka with Visa on Arrival:

Yes, the citizens of the United States are allowed to enter Sri Lanka with visas on arrival. The citizens can receive the update within three days after submitting their visa request. For the busy tourist periods, it is recommended to apply for the Sri Lanka Visa US citizens to apply about 20 days before their arrival.

Applying for a Sri Lanka Visa Online (ETA):

Most people want to know can Americans travel to Sri Lanka because a few of the countries are restricted to travel to Sri Lanka. Except for those countries which need to apply for an embassy visa, everyone can apply for a Sri Lanka visa online. This visa type is known as the electronic travel authorization “ETA”. You can get this visa from the comfort of your home before visiting Sri Lanka.

Before purchasing airline tickets to Sri Lanka from USA or US you need to submit the ETA application to the immigration department via the website. Once you are done with the application requirements, you need to pay the visa fee. The Sri Lanka visa US fee can be paid via your Master, Visa, American Express card. You will then receive the notification in your email about the visa eligibility. 

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