How to Backup Outlook Emails to Gmail?

If you’re trying to find a way you can backup Outlook Emails in Gmail? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we will discover how to transfer Outlook emails to a Gmail account with no hassle.

Gmail has been created in a manner that can be used in an extremely flexible working environment. Users can access any place in the vicinity access to the Internet. Keep reading the blog and stay up-to-date with us to get the most current information concerning this issue.

This is why email clients can provide the saving of data from the prior client to a new client, or transfer a backup data file onto another. This also includes Outlook Emails Calendar Events and appointments for the preferred individual Gmail account.

For more information about the program, read the blog below. We recommend the simple and secure tool Thunderbird Mail Backup Software to resolve your issues.

Question: Hi, I’m John and I’m trying to the backup of my Outlook Emails to Gmail. I attempted to back up my old emails from Outlook to my Gmail account using a manual process. However, I am faced with the problem of losing data and it takes me a long time to transfer my old emails information to Gmail.

What are the Reasons to Download Outlook Emails to Gmail Account?

Many reasons exist for backing up Outlook Emails to Gmail but users still have to face the issue of backup software. Therefore, we have provided a few steps in response to the question of the user. Follow these steps:

It gives you free sample storage. You can increase the size at a cost of a small amount if it’s required. This isn’t feasible using Outlook Files.

With just single Gmail user ID users can effortlessly login to a variety of apps with a single click. This is always a recognized form of identification.

The system also allows chat messages that have the use of stickers.

The structure of the user interfaces, as well as the folder, is already built-in making the management extremely simple.

The data is instantly accessible across all devices and operating systems which includes Windows.

In our comparison with a variety of options for free, Gmail has more features and is user-friendly.

It lets you save the contacts and also set up a regular archive.

If you lose your credentials, the way to backup is easy to input the telephone number or opt for a more easy method. Ovik Mkrtchyan

Gmail can be an extremely simple and easy method of backing up Outlook Emails to Gmail.

How to Save Outlook Emails to Gmail? | Step-by-Step

You can see that you will discover the strong arguments to support Google. If you’ve decided to ditch Outlook or back up your old emails to Gmail our handy guide. Below, you’ll find two options for PST files. Ovik Mkrtchyan

Manual Method

Automatic Method

Manual Method to Download Outlook Emails to Gmail:-

On the other hand, the process of backup is attractive because it’s inexpensive and a simple solution. After you have completed your Google settings, set up the second account and link it to both data to export. It then created an exclusive PST file that downloads messages. The procedure for backing up Outlook Email in Gmail has comprised of three stages three steps:

First, sign into first to the Google account. Then, select your instrument called gear located in the upper left corner, next to your profile photo.

It will open the settings adjust menu will show. Click the button to view the entire options.

Then, Open the Tab that is titled Forwarding and POP/IMAP…

You can navigate to the bottom until you reach the IMAP section of your Gmail account.

It allows for features that are the green setting will change.

Then, scroll to the lowest point to save any changes.

It allows you to access the appropriate section of Google Settings, which is referred to as less secure applications. This allows the connection of Gmail to Outlook. Gmail accounts to Outlook and concludes the initial phase of this procedure. After that, you’ll be able to save Outlook Emails to Gmail. Manual methods do not limit the accuracy. This means that you might not be able to transfer Outlook PST to Gmail without error.

Configuring Gmail in Outlook

You can now set up your desktop application to be able to read Outlook documents. Here is the procedure that works with office 365. However, it is possible to extract other versions that are the same? It is possible to connect your Google account to an email client. This is the only one that can open PST files. PST file.

First first, open Section for Files.

You will now see options to create an account and then click it.

Connect the details of your Google email account to join it.

Enter the username and connect, as well.

Watch for confirmation that confirms the success of configuration.

You have completed and transferred the contents of the PST files.

Moving Messages after Backup

Your accounts are in sync and you can back up the information between them. It is just a matter of selecting the messages in your PST file and copying them into your Gmail file structure. If the Outlook (PST) document has not yet been exported you need to open it with the following excerpt:


Open & Export

Open Outlook data file

What is the reason IMAP is essential when you wish to save Outlook Email to Gmail? If you select POP, Gmail messages will be delivered to your inbox, and their original structure will disappear. With the IMAP option, you can import messages between folders. They are then created correctly. It is possible to move any email to Gmail folders that are synced to this account. You will then be in a position to access them on any device.

Archive Outlook Emails to Gmail | By Automated Method

Customers using Microsoft’s Outlook email program were willing to change to Gmail. The process has to be accomplished with the help of the Email Backup Wizard. The data generated can be imported quickly and with accuracy by users. The original hierarchy of folders remains even after the import process is complete. Users are also able to choose and select which folders to transfer to Gmail. Professionals, as well as non-professionals, can gain from this feature.

Working of Download Outlook Email to Gmail

Start and launch the program on your computer running Windows. Click the Open button to begin the process.

Today, Email Data Files>Choose the Outlook PST/OST files>Choose Select Files from an archive.

Choose your files in PST by selecting the option to open the file or folder. You can browse all the documents on the Panel of Software.

Click on the Export button and select the Gmail files from the Email Services.

Choose the location where you want the folders to be saved. Create the application password.

Click on Save Button.

You must wait until the process is completed. You have successfully exported. Successfully exported. You can open the Folder and view the Full Preview file at the destination.

Demo Version Export only 10 items in each folder. Upgrade to Licensed Edition to Export All.

Use the following steps to make it simple to backup Outlook emails to your Gmail account:


In this article, I’ve discussed how to backup Outlook emails to Gmail. Many users were struggling when it came to this procedure because they weren’t sure which the most effective solution was. Here are some methods for automating performing this job. In this case, the manual method is not efficient and is not effective. This means that users can carry out the above steps at their convenience.

I hope that the reader can complete this task with ease after having read this article.

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