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How to Choose a Perfect Mechanical Flow Meter?

The industrial flow measuring applications have developed to an exceptional level now. The invention of modern tools such as flow meters has made it easier to gauge flow rates for different fluids. Despite the availability of digital meters, the use of mechanical flow meters is still active among various industries. This is a device that can measure the flow rate of water flowing through the pipe. It works by measuring the speed of water and measuring the volumetric flow rate. You can find such devices embedded with the rotators, propellers, and pistons to work for measuring flow rate.

Guide for selecting the best meter

Understand the measuring process

Well, flow rate measuring is an important task that needs to be fulfilled profoundly. So, you must first understand the process for measuring the flow rate effectively. This would include the understanding of where the meter would suit fit. Moreover, you must look into the various issues such as access, calibration, maintenance, etc. Also, you should know who will use the meter and how the flow rate would be supervised. All this knowledge is needed in order to choose the right meter type.

Media type

The next step is to consider the type of media to be measured using the flow meter. However, you can take an example of a turbine flow meter which is a good mechanical flow meter. It works by measuring the volumetric flow rate of water by measuring its speed. But, the application is useful only for clean water. Therefore, you must look into the type of media to be gauged for your specific needs. There are mechanical flow sensors that measure diesel, gas, and high viscosity liquids too. So, the selection must be according to your needs.

Accuracy range

Accuracy range is an important consideration to take into account while choosing the right flow meter. It is undoubtedly true that you will find several options for these meters to choose from in the markets. There are different types of these meters available such as turbine, variable area, gear flow meter, positive displacement, etc. Therefore, you must look for the accuracy that you need for measuring the fluids as per your specific needs. For example, if you want a meter for chemical fluids monitoring and measuring, accuracy is high. You might settle for a tool that has low accuracy for general water tracking. So, when it comes to choosing the right device, you must check for its accuracy range and certification.

Location and installation

It is needless to say that some meters require straight pipelines for measuring the flow rate. The application and working of these meters could be affected when there are bends greater than straight lines. However, your choice of a mechanical flow meter might depend upon the location and installation. If you do not want an obstruction in the flow, then you must consider two important points:

Flow disturbance

These factors would help you in choosing the right device with no mess.

Maintenance and cost

Keep one thing in mind that mechanical flow measuring devices use a set of moving parts to gauge the flow rate. The moving parts have to go through regular wear and tear. So, it is important that you must consider the cost and maintenance of the meters before selecting them. It would help you in finding the best device for your application. You must consider a tool that does not require much maintenance and is suitable to your budget as well.

To sum up

Choosing a mechanical flow meter could be devastating if you are a novice. However, this selection guide can help you significantly to serve the purpose. You must also consider assistance from the flow meter manufacturers as they have higher technical expertise. They can help you in making cost-effective decisions as well. You can also pick the best-suited meter to be used for your flow rate measuring needs.

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