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How To Design Your Perfect Digital Advertising Copy

How To Design Your Perfect Digital Advertising Copy

1. Clarity

Your advertising copy on the internet must be clear, simple and straightforward to comprehend. In addition, it should be in line with the purpose it was created to serve. Click here A composition for your ads that is confusing for your customers will confuse your customers.

However, that doesn’t mean that your ads won’t last without imagination!
Digital ads should feature a clearly defined call-to-action button. Your audience must be aware of the services you’re offering and be able to choose the next step immediately.
Take a look at this ad’s copy, which is from Monarto Zoo.

Ads clarity

The image is straightforward and clear. Most ads minimize the prominence of their call-to-action buttons to concentrate attention on the advertisement’s text. However, Monarto Zoo turned their call-to-action into a crucial message that is loud, bold and crystal clear.

If we’re discussing creativity with clarity, this ad from Curtis Tea must be mentioned. The visually striking ad is heavily based on taste and smell. Curtis Tea could have gone through the entire process of noting down how tea tastes of chocolate and oranges. However, they chose to showcase the flavour by drawing an orange into the shape of the teapot.

When many different brands try to grab the spotlight from you, advertising like this will leave a lasting impact.

2. Ad scent

The scent of your ads refers to the consistency of your campaign. Inconsistency will cause a loss of trust from your customers.
Each time a user clicks, it generates an unobtrusive visual or smell. This helps ensure that they are on the right path. If they fail to see the clue at any time, they may think they’re being in error and quit.

When creating your advertising content for digital, ensure that it’s constant throughout your campaign. Be aware of three essential things:
Make sure to use similar images and patterns for each campaign piece.
Make use of similar words and lines throughout the campaign.
Maintain the same offer throughout the campaign.


Ad scent is the secret to success. Do it correctly, then your rates of conversion will increase, and your expenses will decrease simultaneously.
For example, take a look at this ad by Whole Foods. The headline is ‘FREE delivery on Instacart is a redirection to a landing page with similar headlines – FREE Delivery Credit.

Whole Foods Atif the landing page was a page with a text about how rice is beneficial for your health, it could be unclear. The visitors would not know which button to click on and proceed.

3. Color check-in digital advertising

When creating digital advertisements, it is crucial to be aware of the colours you choose to use. Colour can have a significant influence on how your promotions perform. Therefore, it is essential to create an appropriate colour palette for your company to incorporate into all of your marketing efforts.

In digital advertising, however, colours can also be used to communicate. Particular colours are linked to certain types of emotions. Colours can trigger an emotion or as a symbol.

Look at this advertisement for a French dentist’s office, Center Dentaire, Paris Loft. The colour is used as a theme. However, these otherwise yellow objects are shown in white as well as the tagline “We don’t want to be yellow.”. The use of the wrong colour or a different colour is unsettling and grabs viewers’ attention in a flash.

Ad performance Before you write your advertisement’s copy, be sure you read this colour psychology guide by Shutterstock.

4. Offer

Be clear the ad you are promoting isn’t similar to your products or services. For example, your business is built around an item, but your advertising campaign online is based on a proposal.

Your digital advertisement is a special message based on your product or services, or a combination of both, with additional features. The main elements of your offer include:

  • Deliverables
  • Pricing details
  • Offer validity or timeframe

How do you claim the offer?

There might be one product; however, you can make deals around it in various ways. For instance, this advertisement from To only offers to create animated explainer videos for 75% less.

Your to-only ad serves as the entry point into the entire customer experience funnel. It’s true, and everything else starts falling into the proper place.

Your offer is contingent mainly on the text you’ve included. For example, in the advertisement from To, only the offer copy is blatant. However, it provides details of what you can expect to receive in the offer.

Making a tremendous digital advertisement copy is a process that requires lots of testing and evaluation in addition. If you’re not testing your ads and analyzing the outcomes, it is difficult to determine if your digital marketing is working or not.

CTR, also known as Click-Through Rates. If your CTR rate is higher, this means that your prospects are moving through the stages to the next in your customer funnel. CTR is a zero. Of clicks/no. Of impressions made on the advertisement.

CPA, also known as Cost Per Acquisition the customer This, can help you evaluate the total ad spend. CPA = amount spent/no. of customers who generated.
CPL, or Cost Per Lead, is the amount of money spent or no. of generated leads.
CPC, also known as cost per click = cost per click/no. of clicks that the ad receives

Build intelligent and engaging digital advertising

Digital advertising isn’t just limited to getting people to your ad and landing page. You can also use this traffic to interact with social media and other related channels.


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