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How to draw Ash Ketchum step by step.

How to draw Ash Ketchum step by step.

With these videos and step-by-step drawing instructions on how to scare Ash Ketchum from Pokemon. Cartoon drawing for beginners and children.

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Start by drawing the rolling hills. Draw long, curved lines that overlap and connect.

Build a shed on the highest hill. First, use straight lines to close the heptagon or hexagonal shape. The top of the hill will serve as the seventh side. It outlines the front of the shed. Then draw parallel straight lines on the top four sides. Attach them with curved lines at the corners, and make the shed’s roof.
Then use straight lines to close a rectangle, again with the top of the hill on the fourth side. Draw straight lines parallel to them, connecting them with a curved line in the corner. Finally, draw two vertical, parallel lines in the centre of the rectangle. This completes the sliding door.
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Complete site drawing

A farm is a property dedicated to agriculture – keeping useful plants and animals, mostly for food.
Farms worldwide vary in their production – cattle and wheat in Central America; Fruit trees in Florida and California, USA; Pineapple in Hawaii, Olive in Europe, Bananas and coffee in the tropics; Rice in Asia.
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Step 1

The first step in drawing Ash is to make a simple oval that will become his head. It should be fairly flat at the top of the oval and should come down to a small space where the box will be placed.

Step 2

Next, we have to draw a half rectangle that will be the centre of the ashes and the two lines connecting it to its head to get a neck.

Step 3

Now we have to lean on Ash’s shoulder and give her some clothes. As you can see in the picture on the left, Ash pulls her wide collar around her neck and gives her two sleeves cut at the edge of the picture.

Step 4

Make Ash’s hat into two small pieces from the top of her head, and pull her from the sides of her head with her pointed hair.

Step 5

At this point, we need to start giving some definition of Ash’s face. Pull into her ears and a big triangular mouth.

Step 6

Ash’s eyes are very big. Each eye should be about the size of its mouth. Give Ash two thin eyebrows and a very small triangular nose, and his face is almost ready.

Step 7

At this point, Ash must have done a lot. All that remains is to put the pupils in his eyes, a few buttons on his coat, and a mark on the front of his hat.

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