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How To Fit Yourself with Swimming

The summer season is like a new sport – fitness swimming and Lifeguard Training. Not only will it refresh you in the exhausting heat, but you can easily strengthen the muscles of the whole body and get a great physique. How to start swimming so that sports make sense?

Everyone Can Do Fitness Swimming

Swimming helps athletes, seniors and overweight individuals. Thanks to the buoyancy of the water, the swimmer does not burden his joints , so you can swim as part of rehabilitation and at any age. By swimming regularly , you strengthen the inner muscles of the center of the body, which helps us to stand upright and prevents back pain when tightening. Fitness swimming will help you strengthen and stretch your muscles and possibly lose weight.


An Undemanding Hobby

Swimming is not demanding on equipment or finances. All you need is Lifeguard Training. it fits better, does not push and does not strain the neck and shoulder muscles) and the nearest swimming pool or swimming pool. The equipment also fits swimming goggles , which protect sensitive eyes from chlorine and allow you to comfortably follow the route even underwater.

Are you afraid that you will quickly lose your motivation to play sports regularly? Buy a convenient season ticket on your first visit to the pool. This will psychologically force you to select the remaining inputs. You can also start swimming with a friend to motivate each other.

Larger Lung Capacity Will Make Other Sports Easier

Proper swimming begins with proper breathing. Inhale deeply and into your abdomen , your chest should not move. Diaphragmatic breathing helps to make better use of oxygen and promotes proper posture. Then breathe with your head immersed in water – in water schools, children train this way by blowing into the water and “bubbling”. Swimming will increase your lungs. You won’t notice it until after a few weeks or months of training, but you will stop breathing when walking up the stairs or doing strenuous sports.

The Right Nutrition For Healthy Sports

Before you plunge into the water, think about the composition of your diet . The diet should contain enough vitamins and minerals to help you overcome muscle pain and prevent cramps. Healthy digestion is also important for their proper absorption – you can also support probiotics that contain beneficial intestinal bacteria

Pool Rules For Fitness Swimmers

You decided to really start, bought a swimsuit and a season ticket, but when you got to the pool you found out that you knew nothing about swimming etiquette ? With our mini-guide, no one will notice that you are swimming for the first time:

  • Stretch before entering the water – especially the hands, feet and center of the body.
  • Each track is marked by a dividing strip on the surface and a center line at the bottom.
  • Choose a track with the slowest swimmers.
  • Depending on the swimming direction of the other swimmers, choose the right side along the bottom line and swim to the other end of the pool.
  • At the end of the pool, turn around and then swim along the line on the opposite side (swimmers “spin” in the lane).
  • If you meet on the track with a more advanced and faster athlete, it takes precedence.
  • Don’t be ashamed to use foam tools or fins. They will help you practice the right movements, but you will also have more fun with them and your training will not be boring.
  • After a workout, you can treat yourself to a sauna or massage to regenerate your muscles.
  • After each swim, drink clean water, drink at least 0.5 liters.

Do not try to swim 20 pools at the beginning. Pools are usually 25 meters or 50 meters – when discovering fitness swimming , start with a maximum of 100 swimming meters at a time . Gradually add extra pool lengths. As you improve and accelerate in swimming, an hour of swimming will soon be filled with more pool turns.

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