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How to inculcate Public Speaking Skills in Children

The world has witnessed the powerful effect of enthralling speeches. Such enticing words are recorded through history to be a motivation for us all. Every era needs a good public speaker to be our reminder of positivity. But can anyone be a public speaker? Yes, through proper guidance and practice, anyone can master this skill. 

What is Public Speaking?

Let’s understand the essence of Public Speaking. It is how a person effectively hooks the public through his communication. The message communicated has value in it which is delivered in a meaningful way. It is not just about engaging words, it also includes body language, eye contact, and hand gestures. 

Importance of Learning Public Speaking in Children:

Communication is basic to socialization. It could be with a single person, a small gathering, or in public. Lacking communication skills can have adverse effects on personality and life quality. We have often seen hesitation in communicating with children. Such kids find it difficult to express their emotions, create a social connection, and voice their opinions. They will lack confidence and also affect their decision-making ability. They can be potential victims of bullying because of weak communication skills. Such children will get a gut-punching feeling if asked to deliver a thought in class. This will affect their self-esteem and personality in the long run. 

Benefits of Teaching Public Speaking to Children:

If your child learns the art of effective communication, he will have the following benefits:

  • Increase confidence and self-esteem
  • Effective communication skills
  • Increase in memory skills and knowledge
  • Improves academic performance
  • Induces leadership qualities
  • Clarity of concepts
  • Help overcome fears

What can Parents do to inculcate Public Speaking Skills in Children?

Parents can help build up strong communication skills in their children. Even if your child does not opt for becoming a public speaker, he will have the necessary skills to become successful in life. 

Speaking in front of a crowd can give jitters even to an adult. Public Speaking anxiety is real and a barrier. It is because of fear of judgment and lack of confidence. Some signs include rapid heartbeat, sweating, dried lips, and hands shaking. Every newbie might experience public speaking anxiety. Let’s learn some tips to boost public speaking skills in children.

  • Be a Good Listener:

To speak well, you need to hear good. Make your children hear motivational speeches. Ted talks are a great source of learning. Show them to your child and make them observe how they have communicated so efficiently, making an impact. You can also take them to public events where they can eyewitness public speakers. Discuss different ideas and make your child voice their opinions. Question them why and how they think about a particular idea. This way, they will brainstorm and think from a different perspective. Engage them in group discussions. They will learn the opinions of others which will add to their knowledge and perspective. 

  • Ask their opinions in a gathering:

During a random family discussion, ask your child’s opinion on the topic. This will be a practice for them to voice their opinion in a gathering. Value, respect, and encourage their thoughts. Make them receive the phone calls as well. This way they will know how to start a conversation with an outsider. 

  • Pen Down the Thoughts:

Make your children write down what they think about a particular topic. Ignore the grammatical mistakes. Just make them realize their tone of writing. Work with them and help them to improve their writing skills. 

  • Record the Practice on Phone:

Once the speech is ready, record the practice of your child. Make them read their speech. Once recorded, show them and ask them to tell where they lacked. This way they will know where they could do better. Tell them the importance of using body gestures and eye contact during speech. While recording, they might get nervous the first time. It’s okay if they do so. 

  • Relaxing Techniques:

Teach them some breathing techniques to relax their nerves. It will help them to focus on the message rather than the crowd. Practice them before starting the speech. 

  • Appreciate your Child’s efforts:

They won’t be perfect from the start. Appreciate them even if they lacked somewhere. Appreciation will boost their motivation to become better. Positive affirmations will build their confidence. 

  • Enroll in Kids Public Speaking Classes:

If you find it hard to teach them at home, you can opt for Kids Public Speaking Classes. There are numerous academies like Helen O Grady, which work on instilling strong communication skills in children. Learning from experts can help them become sounder in Public Speaking. They will learn better in that enthusiastic environment. Your child will thank you later for enrolling in public speaking classes


Public speaking skills can be lucrative for your child. Through the above-mentioned practices, they will be able to come out of their comfort zone. They can craft their thoughts into persuasive communication. They will be valued and heard for their strong opinions. They can also attract opportunities in their life.

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