How to Make a Spinner Wheel Game?

How to Make a Spinner Wheel Game?

We’re not crazy We don’t believe there’s any single occasion that can’t be enhanced by the use of a spinning wheel. Lessons? Yes. Meetings? Yes. The spinner wheel is loved by all because of the joy, excitement, and sound that they produce whenever they spin.

So, how do you create and play with a spinner that will get your kids and coworkers? Use a probability calculator to calculate the probability. And you can find the probability calculator online easily.

1. Making your own Spinner

You may want to play spinner wheels offline as well as online, you have a variety of methods to make it happen.

4 Ways to Make a DIY Spinner Wheel

The spinner center is the most enjoyable part of this We’ll be there in just a few minutes. First, you’ll need to design your paper wheel. You just need an eraser and a large piece of card or paper.

If you’re looking for the largest wheel (in general, the bigger the more powerful) You might need to draw an outline of your circles at the bottom of a pot, or dartboard. If you’re planning to go for smaller wheels, a protractor is a good choice.

Cut the circle in half and then divide it into equal sections by using an appropriate ruler. Within each section, you should write or draw your wheel’s options on the edges of the wheel so that the spinner does not obscure your choice when it hits it.

  • Pin and clip (most efficient method) – Put a pin into the oval of a clip then press it into the center of your card or paper wheel. Make sure that the pin hasn’t been completely pushed in otherwise the paperclip won’t be able to turn!
  • fidget spinner (most enjoyable method) – Use Blu Tack to attach an e-spinner to the center of the wheel. Make sure you use a solid chunk of Blu Tack to ensure that the spinner has enough lift-off from the wheel so that it is capable of spinning without restriction. Make sure that you mark the third arm on the spinner with a fidget to indicate the direction that which each arm is pointed.
  • Pencil through the paper (easiest method) – This one could not be easier. Simply pierce the center of the wheel using an eraser and spin the entire thing. Children can even create one, though the result may be boring.
  • A complicated cardboard device (most interesting method)

How to Make a Spinner Wheel Online?

If you’re in search of an easier, more immediate device for your spinner wheel games There’s an entire world of online spinners waiting to be explored.

Spinner wheels online are generally much more user-friendly and easier to use, as well as share, and faster to set up…

  • Pick your online spinner wheel.
  • Input the wheel’s entries.
  • Modify your settings.

When you play your spinning wheel game online You’ll need to share your screen via Zoom or another video calling software. When you’re finished, press spin, play the game, and then celebrate your winner with virtual fireworks!

2. Making a Choice

After you’ve set your spinner wheel up the next step in creating the game spinner wheel is to establish the rules for the game that you’ll be playing.

  • For School

How to create spinner wheels to keep students engaged and active in your classes…

Students Chooser fill the wheels with names of students and spin. The person it falls on has to answer a question.

  • The Letter-Picker Wheel Spin a letter wheel and ask students to provide names of animals, countries, elements, or countries. starting with the letter that the wheel hits.
  • Money Wheel – The wheel is filled with various amounts of cash. Every correct answer to a given question gives the participant a spin and the chance to win cash. The person who earns the highest amount of money in the final results takes home.
  • Answer raffle – Every correct answer gives a child an undetermined number that ranges between 1 to 100 (students are able to collect several numbers). After all, numbers have been distributed, spin the wheel with the numbers 1 – 100. The winner is the person who holds the number that the wheel falls on.
  • Act it out – Write a few short situations on the wheels, and divide students into groups. Every group turns the wheel, receives an unspecified scenario, and then decides on their play.
  • Don’t speak It! – Fill the wheel with keywords, then spin it. Once a keyword has been selected, ask the student to speak about the topic for at least one minute but without using the word.
  • Minute Spin – The wheel should be filled with questions. Give each student one time to rotate the wheel, and answer the most questions they are able to.


  • For Meetings

How can you make the game of a spinner wheel to keep employees from remote locations connected and more productive in gatherings…

  • Ice Breakers – Put some icebreakers onto the spinner and turn. This method is ideal for remote workers who want to be in contact with one another.

prize wheel The month’s employee spins a wheel and then wins any of the prizes that is on it.

  • Agenda for Meeting – Fill the wheel with the items on the agenda of your meeting. Turn it around to determine the order you’ll work them in.
  • Remote Scavenger – Fill the wheel with oddly interesting items within the typical home. Turn the wheel to see who among your remote workers will find it fastest inside their own home.
  • Brainstorming dump – Write a distinct problem for each segment of the wheel. Then, spin the wheel. Give your group two minutes to go through all the crazy and bizarre ideas they could.


  • For Parties

How do you create an online spinner wheel game that is perfect for entertaining gatherings both offline and online…

  • Magic 8-Ball – You can fill the wheel with your own magical 8-ball-style responses. Invite your guests to ask questions and then spin the wheel to see if they can respond.
  • Truth or Dare – Write either ‘Truth Dare’ on the wheel. You could also create particular Truth or Dare Questions for each segment.
  • Ring of Fire – Are you lacking playing cards? The wheel should be filled with the numbers 1-10 along with the ace, jack, queen, and King. The player who spins the wheel then takes a move according to the number that the wheel is landed on.
  • Never Have Ever – Fill the wheel by asking Never Have I ever style questions. Then, ask the question that the wheel is landed on. If a player does three of the actions the wheel is landed on and they’re not in the game.
  • Wheel of Fortune – The old-fashioned game shown on a tiny screen. Set different dollars (or penalties) on the wheel, ask players to spin the wheel, and then ask them to choose letters from a secret phrase or a title. If the letter is found in the correct position, the player is awarded the prize in dollars.


  • For Indecisive People

How do you create an online spinner game for those who are unable to decide what to do…

  • “Yes, or No”- A very easy decision-maker, which plays the shape of a flip coin. Simply fill the wheel with the yes or none segments.
  • What’s for Dinner?- If you manage to build a spinner wheel game during your time of hunger make sure you fill the wheel with a variety of food items that are available in your neighborhood and spin!
  • New activities- It’s not easy to decide what to do on a Saturday when it comes around. Make a spinner with exciting new activities that you’re interested in and then spin the wheel to see which you and your buddies will take part in.
  • Exercise Wheel – Maintain your health with this wheel which gives you quick-burning exercise routines to perform. One spin per day can keep the doctor away!
  • The wheel of chores is one for parents. Make sure you fill the wheel with chores and then get your children to turn it. They should earn their money!

Tips for the Ultimate Spinner Wheel Game

  • Create suspense The major excitement of a spinning wheel lies in the anticipation. It is impossible to predict the exact location it’ll land which is part of the thrill. It’s possible to make this more exciting through a spinning wheel that has the color, sound, and one that slows down as real wheels could.
  • Keep it briefDon’t over-load the wheel with words. Make it as brief as possible in order to ensure that it is easily understood.
  • Allow the participants to spin the wheel. In the event that you’re spinning it is the same as gifting someone a birthday cake and cutting one slice of the cake yourself. If you can, let the people spin!

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