How to Perform Result-Driven Competitive Analysis for your Website?

Competitive analysis is the first step for any SEO project if you want to track the footprints of your competitors to beat them by generating a more effective strategy?

There float a million websites in cyberspace, but to let your business flourish, you should know who your competitors are and how they are ahead of you, in case they are.

A thorough competitive analysis helps you think beyond your understanding by giving a sneak peek into your competitor’s brand plans. If you are driven by inherent instincts to survive, starting off with your project and considering your competitors would give you an edge over them. Let’s understand how competitive analysis can help you establish your brand sooner.

Let’s say, you are a newbie who knows nothing about the market. How will you get to know what the market demands and what do your clients prefer?

With this question in mind comes another question, which is how can you meet their needs and expectations. That said, when we work online, a lot of things come under consideration to affect your business and reputation.

One such is the search engine algorithm. Amidst all this chaos, challenges are posed by Google whenever it updates the existing algorithm or brings in a new one. Rare are the chances to survive these algorithm updates. Google Core Algorithms have been changed or optimized by Google regularly to meet user expectations. Uncertainty abounds. However, by digging deep through competitive research, you can get to know what strategy breeds what results to implement them accordingly.

Techniques to Perform Result-Driven Competitive Analysis

Keep patience, this could be mind-boggling but is worth understanding. Inspect about 3T- tools, techniques and technology they use.

Techniques to Perform Result-Driven Competitive Analysis


Start with the framework; know what framework and tracking tool they use?

Technology keeps on changing and its outcomes vary accordingly. To scope out their power, examine the tools, technology, and plug-ins they use. Once you get a clear idea about how and what technology they use, you can implement a better or at least a similar approach to thrive.

Competitive analysis doesn’t mean spying on your competitors and performing the same as they are doing. Competitor or competitive analysis is just to get an idea of how to outperform your competitors by doing better than them. So always keep it in mind and be a step ahead of your competitors.

Search Engine Ranking Practices

Ranking on the search engine is an important aspect of your online presence. Search engine ranking can make or break your business and performance. From keywords, they use to how often they post their content and on which sites, do deep SEO analysis. For this, you can either use free SEO tools or can buy premium versions. To get a crystal clear view of their strategies, you can look for a professional SEO company.

You can use Ahref, SEMrus or Spyfu tools for competitive analysis. These are paid tools but worth your money. I have used many SEO tools (paid and free) and currently, I rely on SEMrush and Ahref tools. There is also a free trial available for these tools and you can give them a try.

Paid Marketing

Running paid campaigns is an instant way of boosting your traffic and sales. Digital advertising, including Google ads and social media ads, can bring you plenty of traffic without much effort.

While analyzing your competitor’s strategy, you need to comprehend their bid phrase, ad budget, and ad type. Take a glance at your competitor’s ad spending to decide on your budget and strategy. Analyze what keywords are performing well for them and what’s driving the crowd for them to reframe your strategy accordingly.

Social Media

Do they follow a particular social media strategy for maximum reach and conversion? What type of theme or content do they prepare and on what parameters? Which social media platform is performing well for them? Once you get to know about their strategies, start formulating yours. Analyzing the social media matrix without a tool would hardly be of any use as it will not give you a clear picture.

Use special tools to analyze social media performance to get a deeper insight into your competitor’s approaches.

Link Building Strategy

Links serve an important purpose of rendering authority and credibility to your website. It makes your website trustworthy in the eyes of the search engine and visitors. Being an important part of SEO competitive analysis, generating backlinks from sites with higher authority is more likely to rank your website higher. Check if they have links from renowned brands or good sites. If so, you can pitch yourself on the same sites.

Competition is a double-edged sword for businesses. It not only helps you upgrade your level but will empower you to think out of the box and stay at the forefront of your competitive edge. Performing a result-oriented competitive analysis for your online presence will build you a strong online reputation. You can approach a professional SEO company in Noida to run a thorough website audit to get your website analyzed well.

Prince Nirala

Sumit working as Digital Marketing Strategist at Assert IT Solutions. His expertise in Digital Marketing, SEO, Social Media Ads, PPC Ads, Blogging and Content Marketing. Areas of interest are Web Designing & Development and Graphics Designing (Retouching & Infographics).

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