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How to strengthen your arms-without weights

How to strengthen your arms-without weights

How to strengthen your arms-without weights
How to strengthen your arms-without weights

5 Exersices to strengthen your arms

Your arms are one of the most visible parts of your body, so you’re going to want to make sure they look good from every angle. The problem is that biceps curls and triceps extensions can be boring, not to mention repetitive. Plus, weights can be expensive. So what do you do if you want to build up your arm muscles without weights? We’ve got you covered.

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The first thing you should know is that building muscle without weights isn’t a new concept. Bodybuilders have been using bodyweight exercises for years because they’re effective and can be done anywhere. With that being said, let’s get into some of the best exercises that will strengthen your arms without weights:

1. Plank Up-Downs


Plank Up-Downs
Plank Up-Downs


1. Start in a forearm plank position, your body making a straight line from shoulders to ankles and your weight supported by your forearms and toes.

2. Press your right hand into the ground and straighten your arm.

3. Raise your left hand off the ground, straightening both arms so you’re balancing on the outside of your right forearm and the balls of both feet.

4. Press back into a forearm plank position (right arm down, left arm up).

5. Repeat on the opposite side so you’re now balancing on the outside of your left forearm with both hands pressing into the ground (arms straight). Continue alternating sides as quickly as possible without losing form for 30 seconds to one minute (or more if you can!).

2. Push-Ups



Here are the instructions:

1. lay down flat on your stomach, with your palms on the floor next to your ribs.

2. Push your body up, keeping your back straight and allowing your arms to fully extend.

3. Return to the starting position, making sure not to allow your body to touch the ground, and repeat.

3. Tricep Dips


Tricep Dips
Tricep Dips

The perfect move for toning your triceps, the muscles at the back of your upper arm.

1. Start by sitting on a bench with your hands on either side of you and your fingers pointing towards your body.

2. Move your feet forward so that your bottom is off the bench and raise your body up. Extend your legs out in front of you and keep them straight throughout the exercise.

3. Slowly lower yourself down until you feel a stretch in your triceps, then push back up to the starting position.

4. Diamond Push-Ups


Diamond Push-Ups
Diamond Push-Ups

1. Start in a high plank position, with your hands directly beneath your shoulders and your arms straight.

2. Bring both hands together so that your index fingers and thumbs form a diamond shape.

3. Keeping your core engaged and back flat, bend your elbows and lower yourself toward the floor.

4. Push back up to the starting position, making sure not to lock out your elbows at the top of the movement.

5. Repeat for 10-12 reps or as many as you can do with proper form.


5. Incline Push-Ups


Incline Push-Ups
Incline Push-Ups

For Incline Push-Ups, place both hands on a chair or countertop at shoulder width.

Keep your legs straight and back flat — no sagging or bending! — as you bend your elbows to lower your chest toward the chair.

Push yourself back up to starting position. Be sure to keep those elbows tucked close to your body!


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