How to Use Amazon Sponsored Products ads

The majority of buyers begin their searches on Amazon. Numerous studies disagree about the exact number however what is evident is that those who go on Amazon share one characteristic in common: they’re looking to buy!

Amazon has profited from its growing popularity through a variety of marketing solutions. While Google remains the most popular choice for search advertisement, Amazon is quickly catching up, as per the findings of an eMarketer study.

The large purchasing intention of Amazon customers and the platform’s sophisticated advertising platform provide an enormous advantage to Amazon sellers. The most efficient marketing tool for sellers on Amazon is Sponsored Product ads.

Utilizing the top Amazon PPC agency is the best method to boost your business and increase sales. Let’s take a look at the top methods to make use of Amazon Product Ads.

What are Amazon Sponsored Product Ads?

Every third-party seller can make an ad for their products that are sponsored. This is the most popular kind that uses PPC advertisement on Amazon. These ads are based on the PPC model in which the seller only gets accountable for the click on the advertisement.

Sponsored product ads appear everywhere in the buying experience. They appear on search results as well as the pages for listing products. This is why they’re so beneficial for sellers.

Tips to boost sales through Amazon Product Ads

Though business goals vary between sellers, these tips have been made for all. These strategies have proven successful in helping numerous sellers to get the most out of their marketing budget!

1: Use Automatic Campaigns

When creating ads for sponsored products for any item, it’s typically a good idea to set up a manual as well as an automated campaign. 

Although automatic campaigns can be less efficient than a properly-run manual campaign, they can be the best source to discover the most effective keywords to use in the manual campaigns you are running.

Amazon Keyword research is an important element in improving the effectiveness of your PPC listings. A well-targeted keyword can be the difference between success and failure for your PPC campaigns. 

This is the reason why finding new keywords with high volume which convert is beneficial over the long term. If you spot the most profitable keywords from your automated campaigns, add them to the manual campaign to further optimize them.

2: Use negative keywords

Have you come across keywords with many clicks, but there is no conversion? It could be because the term isn’t pertinent to your page. 

Advertisements for sponsored products come with a useful feature to ensure that these keywords are not able to affect your advertising budget. 

You can label them as negative keywords. The identification of negative keywords can assist you in reducing your advertising expenditure and increasing your ACoS.

3: Don’t advertise non-performers

If your product isn’t generating sales despite an abundance of clicks, it’s the right time to reconsider your approach. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to increase sales or enhance image recognition an item that doesn’t sell will drain your budget.

4. Use targeting specifically to a category.

Sponsored product ads permit sellers to target their ads according to a specific category. It will match your product with similar ones, thus increasing the chances of conversion buyers. This feature is known as Product Targeting.

5. Structure your campaigns

Organize your campaigns. You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you’re bidding against yourself to get a specific keyword. This is why it is important to categorize your items when creating ads groups.

You can categorize them according to brand, product, or competitor brands. Whatever method of categorization you decide to use ensure that you’re uniform to avoid any overlap.

6: Make decisions based on information

Your decisions must be based on measurable data. It is not a good idea to rely on your instincts in the field of digital marketing.

Amazon has a large amount of data in raw format for you to use. Finding useful data from it is difficult, though. The solutions for data analytics at SellerApp help simplify this process by putting actionable information for sellers right at their fingertips!

7: Bid on your brand

If you’ve established a brand, you must advertise your brand’s name when you launch a PPC campaign. You’re likely thinking what the reason. The reason is quite simple your competition is likely trying to buy your brand also.

Let’s suppose you’re a well-established company that sells tea. To entice existing customers competition is likely to start PPC campaigns that target specific search keywords for the products of your brand. 

To learn more about amazon bidding, click here.

In short, you must compete for your brand to protect your customers and stop competitors from taking their market shares.

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