How You Can Find and Monitor the Best Hotel Rates on The Internet

Assuming hotel prices are fixed is the biggest mistake one can make as a traveler and as someone trying to succeed in the hospitality business. Whether you’re a traveler or a hotelier you need a hotel rate tracker to help you keep guaranteeing the best deal for yourself. As a traveler, you get the best bang for your buck. As a hotelier, you’re in sync with your competitors and are able to attract more customers to your hotel. Many things effect a hotel’s pricing which includes the traveling season and other celebrations. Then you also have hotel supplies for each hotel that need to be included in the room cost. Hotel suppliers such as D-ZEE Textile has a range of supplies to fit the hotel budget. You can learn more about them on their website. How you can find and monitor the best hotel rates on the internet; is something you need to learn. The hotel price tracker will help you in creating the best pricing strategy for your hotel, and the best traveling budget for as a traveler.

Comparison Websites Hotel Rate Tracker

There are numerous online websites that help your compare hotel rates without much effort. This includes OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) and even some flight comparison websites have hotels listed there. You can use both platforms as a hotel price tracker and see which rooms along with related amenities and services they have to offer. As a hotelier you can compare what package you can offer that will stand strong amongst the competitors.

As a traveler, you can always choose a hotel that you feel fits your budget and has the most to offer. You can always compare different hotel prices on these different websites and be smarter by visiting the hotel website directly. You may find an extra offer or discount that is better than making your booking through a third-party website. Direct booking may lead to a savings coupon by registering on their emailing list or social media.

Post Booking Price Tracking

As a traveler, this is how you can find and monitor the best hotel rates on the internet even after making your bookings final. Making bookings online whether through an OTA platform or direct booking has various benefits you can use to your advantage; even after you have confirmed your stay with a certain hotel. You would find free cancelation periods, flexible cancelation rates between 24 to 48 hours prior to check-in. A flexible rate plan allows you to cancel the booking if there is a price drop after booking confirmation; and rebook the same room at the lower price.

When using this hotel rate tracker strategy, be sure to read all the fine print and understand their policies. Especially for bookings with non-refundable advance clause as they may have free cancelation policy but your advance covers the cancelation fee. All hotel price tracker platforms have the prices mentioned which makes it easier for travelers to understand what is the right decision for them. If you don’t read any of the policies and agree to things, it could a loss for you.

Professional Rate Shopper Tool

As a hotelier, the above-mentioned hotel rate tracker can be difficult for you. As the prices for most hotels are always fluctuating. You need a hotel price tracker system that makes it simple for you to keep a check on the rates whether they have changed or remain similar. You can use it to monitor every room category your competitors have made available at a certain price. That is where rate shoppers are the best choice for you.

Rate shopper hotel price tracker will help you monitor prices for your rooms on the internet in comparison to your competitors; that too in real-time. You can view the information in the form of a chart or even a calendar. This includes the guest numbers which keep varying and even the stay lengths of the guests.

Benefits of Hotel Price Tracker

A hotel price tracker system helps speed up the comparison process. You can have all the information you need within a few minutes and helps streamline everything for guests and hoteliers. You don’t have to miss out on any specific details as everything you need is right in front of you. Plus, the data is always updated in real time, which means, you are always up to date with the latest prices being offered by the hotel properties around you. You take the right decision for yourself at any given point in time.


A proper price tracking system is required to ensure the travelers and hoteliers both benefit from the final bookings. Hoteliers are able to earn a profit while guests are able to pay the least and reap the most benefits. Hoteliers also need to make an offer that gives them the edge over their competitors to attract guests to make bookings at their hotel. By consistently making use of the price checking tools, there is a lot of loss hoteliers and travelers can avoid.

How you can find and monitor the best hotel rates on the internet depends on which hotel rate tracker system you’re using. Do you use a hotel price tracker as a hotelier/ traveler? What are your thoughts about it? Let us know in the comments below.


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