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I lost my keys: Now what to do?

It’s a fact: losing your keys is a destabilizing situation, even insecure if your name and address accompanied them. However, this is not the time to lose your temper because you must react quickly and proceed in order.

1.      Keep calm

Like every time you lose or believe you have lost something, it is essential above all not to panic and take the time to think. If you’re about to go out and you can’t find your keychain, you’re going to waste a little time, but all you have to do is look: your children may have played with it, they may be -falling behind the hall cabinet, etc.

If, on the other hand, you cannot return home because you have misplaced your keys, try to remember the places you have been to since the time you still had your keys in your hand and return there if possible.

2.      The steps to follow

If your research proves fruitless, you will have to act. For example, if you have lost only your keys, without your name or address, the risk of burglary is almost nil; it is at most a matter of making you redo a key. Most of the time, you have a double at home or owned by your spouse or roommate. But you will have to call a locksmith tampa to open the door for you. Start by contacting your insurance. They will send you a locksmith as soon as possible. And pay the costs at your expense and provide that your home insurance covers the loss.

Some owners have duplicate keys for security and although this common practice is illegal, ask him if he can help you out. But it will nevertheless be necessary to have a copy of your keys reproduced because your landlord will require all the keys that were given to you at the signing of the lease when you leave the accommodation.

If you have lost or had your bag stolen, along with your identity papers and keys, you must urgently have the locking system and keys changed. Then go to the police station within 24 hours and report the theft or loss to your insurer within two working days, by registered letter or by going there.

3.      The cost

In addition to your insurance, your bank can reimburse all or part of the bill. Indeed, if you have a Visa Premier or Master card, it will refund you in full because these cards include insurance. If you have a more classic card, and you have taken out this type of insurance, and you have lost your keys with your means of payment (card and checkbook), it will partially compensate you..

The cost will depend on the type of intervention: simple door opening and making a key or changing the locking system and keys. But it also varies according to the kind of locking system and key.

What means of prevention?

Never put your name and address on your key ring.

Entrusting a duplicate of your keys to a trusted person close to you is undoubtedly reassuring, but be aware that distributing copies of your keys weakens your security instead of strengthening it.

Opt for keys protected for life:

They can only be reproduced by the manufacturer or an approved locksmith on the presentation of the ownership card. So if, for example, you lend your keys or if you lose them and someone finds them for you, you are sure that they could not have been reproduced without your knowledge.

Losing your keys is undoubtedly a very unpleasant experience, but ultimately it can be beneficial: it’s an opportunity to change your locking system and protect yourself from a burglary. Did you change your cylinders when you moved in? It would be more prudent because the former tenants or owners could keep a copy of the keys. In addition, it may be time to equip yourself with high security, vandal-resistant cylinder.

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