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Kenstar Air Cooler Price List – Best Deals on Kenstar Coolers

Kenstar is one of the best air cooler brands in India, that offers supreme and high-quality air cooler for home that are bestselling. Investing in this brand of air coolers is the best choice you can make for your house. 

The long-lasting quality, performance and efficacy of this brand are high compared to the others available in the Indian market. You can buy the latest Kenstar cooler on EMI for your home. To help you streamline your search further, we have mentioned the Kenstar cooler list that will help you get the best deals on the brand. Keep reading!

Here are some of the best Kenstar coolers, that you can consider buying for your house. 

1. Kenstar Personal Air Cooler for Home- 16 litres:

Summer days come with exotic humidity and heat, and so the Kenstar Personal Air Cooler for Home gives you supreme quality air cooling, giving you a chilled atmosphere. The model stands out in the market due to its exceptional air throw rate of 975 cm, covering the larger room area. You can store around 16 litres of water, ample storage for the room air cooler. The blower is large at 20.32 cm, which never lets you down in faster cooling. The Kenstar cooler price is Rs. 7,390, the best deal with varied features.

2. Kenstar Ice Tower Air Cooler for Home- 20 litres:

Hot and humid summers can take a toll on your health. It is crucial to have the right air cooler for home. The Kenstar 20L Ice Tower is a must-buy with some of the best in-built features. The Kenstar high-tank capacity ensures that you get continuous airflow. The honeycomb cooling media offers traditional cooling pads that give access to cleaning and filling water. The Kenstar cooler price is Rs. 7,490, which offers elegant design and extensive features. 

3. Kenstar Little Personal Air Cooler for Home- 22 litres:

Air coolers give a soothing relief during the hot summer days. The Kenstar Little Personal air cooler for home comes with awesome technology. It provides a perfect cooling experience with a 22-litre capacity. It offers fast and efficient cooling with three-speed settings, an ice chamber, and castor wheels. The Kenstar cooler price is Rs. 7,490, showing a honeycomb cooling pad and four ways of air deflection. 

4. Kenstar Tower Air Cooler for Home- 35 litres:

The Kenstar Tower air cooler for home features an amazing design and a quality body that offers exceptional air cooling, which is not experienced before. The tank holds around 35 litres of water capacity with an 850 cm air throw rate, offering to cover a larger area. The empty water tank notifies you with an alarm. Moreover, the top ice chamber lets you reload the ice for a chilled atmosphere. The Kenstar cooler price is Rs. 8,490, the best deal at such a lower price. 

5. Kenstar Window Air Cooler for Home- 50 litres:

Apart from being the best air cooler for home, the Kenstar Window Cooler crafts itself with stunning and varied features. It is possible to cool the area faster due to its access with two sides. The air throw rate is around 1372 cm, delivering the best and quick cooling. The Kenstar cooler price is Rs. 8,490, which is a perfect option deal to grab this summer. The enhanced capacity of this room cooler will help it sustain long hours of working without regular water changing intervals. 

6. Kenstar Desert Air Cooler for Home- 50 litres:

Witness the chilled temperature inside the room while buying the Kenstar Desert air cooler for home. The air cooler is designed to provide maximum comfort with the wood wool cooling media. The Kenstar cooler price is Rs. 8,790, which is a fair deal with comfortable cooling. By getting this best Kenstar desert air cooler for your home you can be worry-free of the summer heat and its hassles. 

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