Learn How to make Effective Notes for Homework Help

You can’t afford to miss classes and not have the homework help. Making notes is the key to succeeding in exams and assignments.

Did you know  that note-taking had 13% of respondents with higher test achievement? A study conducted by found that the students who had access to their written notes during testing performed better and had better recall ability.

But how do you make notes for homework help? Notes work during homework help. Note-making is a simple yet efficient skill you must master. You can make notes either on your digital device or notebook. Either way is acceptable as long as your notes hit that perfect melody. Assignment Help Sydney has many note-taking styles catered to improve students’ learning, comprehension and retention. They also provide homework help for them worldwide. This article brings you different kinds of note-taking techniques.

Different Ways to Note-Making for Homework Help

➢   The Outline Style

As the name suggests, it refers to taking notes in an outline format. It is one of the most accessible and straightforward ways. To keep it neat, you need to add headers, subheadings, and bullet points.

Outlining helps understand the various concepts under which multiple themes and topics exist. By adding the titles, you can develop and write your understanding of the subject matter. You can take references from your professor’s presentation and look for the title and topics under it. Comprehend the association. Each case will have relative information. This is effective for all kinds of homework help.

➢   The Sentence style

Another easy way to make notes is sentence style. It refers to one line, one statement. Here, you can write the information as you get it. When the professor is teaching, you don’t have enough time to make pretty notes to the point. In such cases, you can note down the sentences and beautify them later. You don’t need to write complete, structured sentences, and you can take advantage of using abbreviations and shorter sentences in crucial points.

Follow this method- One line, one statement. Change the line when the topic changes. This method can get harder to comprehend because of the disordered manner. You can bring the order to notes later; sadly, you will need to rewrite it.

➢   The Mind-Map Style

A mind map is the best learning tool as it combines visual and script formats. Visual learning increases retention and aids in better comprehension. According to research improves understanding, recalling information, productivity, creativity and more. It can be used to brainstorm, collaborate, organise and present ideas.

According to a 2017 survey by Chuck Frey, mind maps bring clarity to a complex issue.

  • 92% found the mind map to be helpful in “distilling information and reaching clarity faster.”
  • Helped 83% “share their ideas with greater clarity and impact.”
  • Helped 81% “manage projects more efficiently.”
  • Helped 67% “identify the root causes of business problems.”

Here’s how to create a mind map:

  • Draw a circle in the middle of the page.
  • Write the main title inside it
  • Draw lines in all directions
  • You can write subtitles, add short descriptions and encircle it.
  • You can use bullet points.

Believe us; a mind map is the best resource you can use. Assignment Help Sydney highly recommends this.

➢   The Bullet Journal Style

Designed by Rayder Caroll, this style aids in exploring different types within a journal. If you practise journaling, you will know what we mean. You can create an attractive and creative page for your topic using a pen, pencil, sketch pen, and other tools. It is flexible and boosts learning. You are free to use the page the way you want. You can doodle, create mind-maps, flow charts or draw another design.

If your notes are written in outline or sentence style, you can further beautify them using this style. The only disadvantage is that you have to create multiple things. Nonetheless, it is an effective way to manage time effectively and aids with memory retention.

➢   The Cornell Style

It includes Notes, cues and a summary section. Within notes, you can write the important details discussed in the classroom. You can create it in an outline style or any other format you are comfortable with.

In Cues, you include the key points or takeaways of the entire lecture. It can be what you understood, potential questions or issues. In the Summarise section, you can be creative using any method, such as mind-map, doodling, bullet points, etc. It has to be the lecture summary and keep it as simple as possible.

➢   The Chart Style

It refers to organising the information within a chart. You can use Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel or even pen and paper. It is helpful for lectures when they are taught chronologically and includes essential data such as key features, dates, etc. It is time effective, organised and an effective way to compare or check.

Great for subjects requiring coding, maths or detailed data, it condenses the topic. You can use shorter, precise sentences, abbreviations, etc. To use this style, follow the below points:

  • Identify topics and categories
  • Create the chart
  • Include subtopics and other categories in the chart.
  • After the outlining is done, write notes in these sections.

Expert Tips

  • Use abbreviated, straightforward language. Ditch the technical jargon.
  • Explore what suits you the best; go with your guts.
  • Record your lectures if possible. Make notes after the class. It may not be possible to make detailed notes every time.
  • Make use of colourful sticky notes.
  • You will require practice and commitment. Stick to it, and the journey will become easier gradually.

Use any of it, and you are good to go. For more homework help, approach My Essay Mate. Their academic experts will assist you in taking better notes or for any assignment help Sydney you require. They are accessible 24*7 to make your life stress-free.

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