Long hair French bulldogs

Long hair French bulldogs. There are surprising sizes and colors in French Bulldogs coats. These have standard coats and rare eye-catching colors. There are many long lists here. Nowadays, long-haired French Bulldogs have taken attention. In this content, we will describe the long hair of French Bulldogs. 

Who is a long hair French bulldog?

There are some French Bulldogs who have really long hair coats. These types of French Bulldogs have Frenchies’ body shapes. These types of the breed also have particular bat ears. Longer hair is an important ingredient of standard Frenchies. You can see on their head longer hair. It looks wavy.


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How much does a Long hair French bulldog cost?

If you compare long hair dogs with others, you can see their price is high. Their cost maybe 5000 to 15000 $. The price depends on the dog’s appearance. Sometimes it is determined by their health. You should buy them from a trusted breeder. Because they can provide you with the necessary health certificate.

It is extremely hard to find long hair for French Bulldogs. It is rare and very expensive. Because to create long hair healthy French Bulldogs, needs huge effort and money.

Long hair French bulldogs colors

A huge range of coat colors has long hair French bulldogs. You can see them in standard colors like cream. They have fawn color also. We can also see the chocolate and blue coat

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Long haired French bulldog temperament

These types of dogs do not show aggression, so we can consider them as calm pets. Long hair French Bulldogs is good for their portable size. They are best for the apartment. These types of dogs don’t like to spend their time alone. French Bulldogs always play themself. They also like to play with family members. These types of Bulldogs are great actors also.

Potential health issues

Long hair French Bulldogs have not so many health problems compared to other Bulldogs. Because these types of Bulldogs come from great breeders.

However, they can be affected by a few health issues. In this case, you can mention the cause of short hair. There are flattened face shapes Bulldogs face most of the health problems. Other types of common issues come from genetic traits. We know that “French Bulldogs carry from one generation to another these genetic traits”.

For example, you can see that skin inflammation causes rubbing skin folds. They face problems with the tear glands. Epilepsy is another problem of long hair French Bulldogs. Human epilepsy is similar to French Bulldogs epilepsy.

Grooming and shedding

It is easy to groom short hair dogs. Because they have short fur. It is easy to take care of short-haired Bulldogs. But if you compare it, a long-haired Bulldog needs extra care. But when you think of fluffy Frenchies, you should take some steps if you want their hair healthy and shiny. These types of French Bull need 4 baths in a year. So, you can own a long hair French Bulldogs.

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