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Luminesce Skin Care? Meaning and Thought of Nazi Germany

From the earliest days of the Nazi assault on the Soviet Union, German soldiers and officers noted no surprise when locals, guerrillas, and soldiers of the Soviet Red Army called them fascists. . “They gave us to the Italians?  luminesce skin care surprised the staff of the Wehrmacht. And in fact, the dominant ideological system of the Germans in 1933 was national socialism, the ruling party – the Nazi Party, that is, the national German Workers’ Party. While all citizens of the Third Reich a fascists – were Italian, though not all, and supported close Nazi views.

WHAT IS A FAGGOT, Luminesce Skin Care? 

Since time immemorial proper irrigation has been one of the main components of agricultural science. Livni layer is washed fertile soil. In many countries is very thin, and has problems with the yield that entails such troubles as hunger. The water from the surface has receded, but so is not to overdo it, otherwise, drought is inevitable – yet another scourge of the farmer.

Then someone thought of organizing

underground channels in which the current. Shallow moisture would gradually penetrate into the soil. The easiest way to technically implement this idea involves the process of digging ditches, placing in bundles of sticks or reeds, and instilling your own irrigation system. These bundles are called rod fascines. Bundles dry broken branches hard, and a – easily. Fascine has become a symbol of the forces of cohesion, and it is for this reason that Italian nationalists have chosen her as one of the symbols of their movement. Fascist ideology requires a maximum degree of social cohesion around the idea of ​​​​the leader. More about the symbol depicting an ax, but for peaceful labor relations he…

UNDER THE SMALL SUN Luminesce Skin Care? 

Benito Mussolini participated in the fate of the. Italian people even in the tenth of the twentieth century. And in 1922 became the leader of the country. By force, he passed through democratic means. But gradually suppressed all public institutions that stood in the way of the movement. At least to his knowledge. Dreaming of a great Italy. He launched a military. Campaign in Libya. Abyssinia with the campaign’s dubious success. Which brought the country more problems than benefits, but the dictator’s popularity remained at a high level for a long time. The economies in general, everything is fine, the industry is doing well, building military ships (even for the Soviet Union), cars and planes, sometimes very well. People don’t know hunger.

GRENADA IS MY, Luminesce Skin Care? 

When the Spanish Civil War began, Mussolini helped a friend and aide to General Franco, who had taken the same ultra-nationalist position. Fascist Italy fought with the International Brigades, which consisted of supporters of political views ranging from anarchists to communists. external assistance and implementation by Nazi Germany, and in the ports of the republic to the transport of weapons, fuel, equipment, and military specialists from the Soviet Union.

In their thirties, full of enthusiasm and achievement,

The Soviet people learned about what crimes had been committed by fascist Italy: images of brutal bombings destroyed (which had been joining the. German aeroeskadron. Condor) Gernika, Guadalajara, another city publishes “The Truth on a regular basis and all periodicals in the Soviet Union. Reports from the front stimulated all, they discussed the smoke factory break and the holiday table. Volunteers to fight for these fraternities abound, but they were done with caution and only high-quality cadres. Officially, the Soviet Union was not involved in the conflict, although they knew all friends and enemies of the military nature of the aid.In the mass consciousness mixed and Spanish Falangists, and Germans and Blackshirts Mussolini, but Soviet citizens learned that a fascist – was the enemy.

Doubts Before the War

There was a time in our history that resulted in a significant portion of the population of the Soviet Union in some confusion. Just before the war. In 1939, some even thought a fascist it wasn’t an enemy, but it could be one, especially after. Comrade Stalin raised his glass to health of the Germans of the leader.

Some logic in this action is that the Soviet

People were long imbued with ideas about the depravity of European democracy. And when he adopted a powerful leader who set out to crush them, don’t. worry, many people have not seen this. Furthermore, socialism was Hitler’s motto and so was the Germans. A red flag, but without the hammer and sickle and with the fascist symbol. The swastika. Hasten to express their opinions on this matter, however. People do not rush recently they have clearly explained that the Soviet people must trust their leadership, it is better to know who brings up an argument with anyone, and when to do it. A slow-witted can recall.


Despite a joint military parade in Brest, Stalin’s fame of toast and a lot of assurance of the inviolability of Soviet-German friendship, memories, contemporaries events War still awaits, and ambulances. And it suddenly happened. The two regimes, which look very much like the influence of many common attributes of totalitarianism, suddenly became hostile to an extreme degree, manifesting themselves in an armed conflict.

From this, we can conclude that not every dictator

A fascist. This concept offers a high degree of nationalism, propaganda of racial superiority, and the exclusivity for people to “choose” into a leading role in world history. The right to rule by virtue of only one national origin has been brought into logical contradiction with the idea of ​​the international hegemony of the proletariat. The cease-fire was temporary, and solved the problem of tactics (according to some historians, because Stalin tried to delay the war, while others accused him of creating a common border with Germany at that place. formerly Poland). Strategically, war is inevitable.


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